Router CPU Load

Tool Details

  • Monitor CPU load on multiple Cisco® routers concurrently
  • Set warning and alarm thresholds independently for each device
  • Record peak load level and when it happened
  • New! Supports IPv6 and SNMP v3 (includes AES 256)

The SolarWinds Router CPU Load tool allows you to monitor the load on multiple Cisco routers in real time. The CPU load for each router is displayed as a horizontal bar, enabling you to see the current load in relation to the maximum CPU load. If the load on a Cisco router reaches the defined threshold for a warning, the load bar turns yellow. If a critical level is reached, the bar turns red.

With the SolarWinds Router CPU Load tool, warning and alarm thresholds can be independently set for each device. Whenever a router load reaches a threshold, popup alert messages notify you of the problem immediately. SolarWinds Router CPU Load also records the peak load level and when it happened.