Software for SOX IT Compliance

Protect your IT assets, improve data security, and meet SOX regulatory requirements

Improve cybersecurity, control change management, and demonstrate SOX compliance

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Centralize and control log management


Centralize and control log management

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager helps you centralize log collection and analysis of events from network devices, systems, databases, and applications. This helps in meeting the continuous increase in regulatory norms for companies to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of vital information assets. Log & Event Manager quickly discovers SOX violations with built-in reports that can be customized to meet specific business requirements. Learn more

Use real-time event correlation to detect and stop threats


Use real-time event correlation to detect and stop threats

Log & Event Manager collects log data from various machines, performs real-time log normalization and correlation, and presents data in a very easy-to-understand format. It also provides the electronic audit trail required by SOX by collecting and monitoring activities across your network, databases, and applications, as well as user activities. With advanced search functionality, Log & Event Manager enables you to perform forensic analysis on events and achieve more effective log monitoring. There are 700 built-in rules, many of which are specific to IT SOX compliance. Learn more

Control changes to network device configurations

Control changes to network device configurations

With SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, you can easily manage device configurations of thousands of routers, switches, and firewalls. Network Configuration Manager helps you know who changed what and on which specific line in the device configuration, with change alerting and config compare facilities. All unauthorized or inadvertent config changes are made visible in real-time, helping you meet SOX requirements from a network management perspective. Quickly recover from failures by restoring a known good configuration, which helps prevent business downtime and security breaches.
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Demonstrate SOX compliance with Log & Event Manager and Network Configuration Manager

Log & Event Manager

Protokollverwaltungssoftware für Sicherheit, Compliance und Fehlerbehebung

  • Schnelle und einfache Compliance-Berichte
  • Ereigniskorrelation in Echtzeit
  • Problembehebung in Echtzeit
Ab $4,495
Network Configuration Manager

Automatisierte Verwaltung von Netzwerkkonfiguration und Compliance

  • Netzwerkautomatisierung
  • Netzwerk-Compliance
  • Konfigurationssicherung
Ab $2,845

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