Network Discovery Tool

Discovering and monitoring devices on a network can be difficult without the proper tools

Discover, map, and monitor your network devices

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Automatically discover network devices


Automatically discover network devices

SolarWinds network monitoring software is a network discovery tool that uses SNMP monitoring to regularly discover the SNMP enabled devices on your network to create a detailed network inventory. This is especially beneficial in large and dynamic networks with equipment from multiple vendors. Simply provide the list of IP addresses, range, or subnet along with SNMP credentials and let Network Performance Monitor's Network Sonar Wizard automatically discover the devices on your network. You can run a discovery once or schedule regular discoveries to identify newly added devices. Learn more

Map network topology


Map network topology

The larger and more dynamic the network, the more difficult it is to keep an up-to-date network topology map. Once you've discovered the devices in your network with SolarWinds network discovery tool, network visualization is easy with custom dynamic network mapping. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor allows you to easily display device performance metrics so you can visualize the performance of your network. Learn more

Monitor device fault, availability and performance


Monitor device fault, availability and performance

You've discovered and mapped your network with SolarWinds network discovery tool. Now you can begin monitoring fault, availability, and performance of the devices on your network. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor polls the MIBS on your devices to obtain critical performance metrics and then displays this information in fully customizable dashboards and charts. With Network Performance Monitor, you can optimize network performance and help ensure availability of your network in order to deliver business-critical applications and services to your users. Learn more
"SolarWinds greatly helps us ensure that potential network issues are resolved before they affect service delivery which goes a long way to justifying the investment."
Phil Rogers
Head of Networks
London School at Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Discover, map, and monitor your network

Network Performance Monitor

  • Herstellerunabhängige Überwachung von Fehlern, Leistung und Verfügbarkeit mit Network Performance Monitor.

  • Optische Darstellung des Zustands und der Leistung wichtiger Netzwerkgeräte.

  • Lassen Sie sich kontextbezogene und grafische Darstellungen einer Entität und ihrer physischen und logischen Beziehungen mit automatisch aktualisierten Karten anzeigen.

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