Juniper Flow (J-Flow) Monitoring

So many numbers, so much data! Disorganized figures make network management unmanageable.

Organize your continuous streams of network traffic into easily interpretable charts and tables

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Stay on top of your network’s usage

Stay on top of your network’s usage

J-Flow Analyzer with NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) come equipped with charts and tables that help you quantify exactly how the corporate network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose. You can easily identify which users, applications, and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth, and view the IP addresses of top talkers.

Quickly spot potential issues and resolve them

Quickly spot potential issues and resolve them

J-Flow Monitoring keeps you ahead of the game by helping you target potential issues and quickly resolve them, all while allowing you to explore traffic patterns, and view device performance. J-Flow Analyzer also helps you find network-wide top talkers and applications to keep you aware of where the majority of the bandwidth is going.

Create, schedule, and run reports for J-Flow data

Create, schedule, and run reports for J-Flow data

The NTA traffic analysis console with J-Flow Collector offers a simple, summarized view of your network traffic on a single page. You can create, schedule, and run reports for J-Flow data. With multiple built-in reports included within these features, you can effortlessly report on network traffic data over detailed time periods, or by network segment.
"I love NTA and NPM. It helps me manage the overall network and troubleshoot odd issues."
Network Administrator
Federal Government

Monitor your network with ease and stay ahead of the game!

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

  • Überwachen Sie die Bandbreitennutzung nach Anwendung, Protokoll und IP-Adressgruppe.

  • Analysieren Sie per Drilldown für beliebige Netzwerkelemente Datenverkehrsmuster über einen Zeitraum von Monaten, Tagen oder Minuten.

  • Stapelübergreifende Korrelation von Netzwerkdaten mit PerfStack™.

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