IT Security Audit Tools

Audit-proof your network to improve cybersecurity and stay compliant

Control change management and improve critical event IT security auditing in your network

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Centralize information gathering and intelligence

Dashboard for all critical events happening in the network

Centralize information gathering and intelligence

SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager is an IT audit tool that helps you collect logs from all network/endpoint devices, systems, databases, and applications in a central location. With continuous monitoring and real-time threat intelligence, the events data generated from these various sources can be analyzed for cyberattacks, such as privileged account abuse, SQL injection, cross-site scripts, DDoS, and more. Learn more

Track and control change management on network devices

Track and control change management on network devices

Know who changed what and when on managed network devices, such as routers, switches, and firewalls, with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager. With automated network inventory discovery, built-in Cisco IOS vulnerability scanning, change alerting, and configuration comparison capabilities, Network Configuration Manager automatically tracks and audits unauthorized or misconfigured configuration changes in your network in real-time. Learn more

Automate activity auditing and analysis of historical data

Automate activity auditing and analysis of historical data

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager automatically logs all device activities in real-time. These activities can be viewed in real-time, and Log & Event Manager helps segment huge volumes of incoming logs with built-in and customizable filters for easier in-depth analysis. To determine the historical audit trail of a specific event, or activities from a single source (IP address, user name, host name, etc.), Log & Event Manager enables you to create custom filters with granular fields. The filter can then be sent to Log & Event Manager's nDepth search section, which refines the results by several categories, such as event name, detection IP, etc. Learn more

Simplify compliance reporting and meet industry standards

Simplify compliance reporting and meet industry standards

Highly regulated industries and businesses with high volumes of log data can simplify compliance management and help satisfy auditors with Log & Event Manager. With hundreds of reports and built-in templates for industry standard regulations, such as SOX, PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, etc., Log & Event Manager helps organizations meet audit requirements. In the reports console, you can run a specific report for a selected time window, and then use the Select Expert utility to drill down to a specific event or user and find the audit trail. Learn more

Network Security Auditing Tools

Log & Event Manager

Protokollverwaltungssoftware für Sicherheit, Compliance und Fehlerbehebung

  • Schnelle und einfache Compliance-Berichte
  • Ereigniskorrelation in Echtzeit
  • Problembehebung in Echtzeit
Ab $4,495
Network Configuration Manager

Automatisierte Verwaltung von Netzwerkkonfiguration und Compliance

  • Netzwerkautomatisierung
  • Netzwerk-Compliance
  • Konfigurationssicherung
Ab $2,845
"The Joint commission came and asked for the audit trail of disabling a specific user. Log & Event Manager was able to produce the full trail to The Joint Commission’s request."
Systems Analyst
Small Business Health Care Company

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