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Gain control of your IBM storage arrays and run your datacenter operations smoothly

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Discover IBM storage performance hotspots

Discover IBM storage performance hotspots

Start monitoring the health of your IBM storage array, RAID group, and LUN levels. Drill down to view key performance metrics, including IOPS, throughput, and latency. Collect historical data, analyze past outages, identify trends, and spot potential hotspots in your array. Set thresholds for custom alerts, and generate reports with various data points to help you detect I/O hotspots in your IBM storage infrastructure. Read more

In-depth storage capacity planning and management

srm storage capacity planning

In-depth storage capacity planning and management

Collect storage consumption data, track historical consumption patterns, and predict when your storage will be depleted. Receive instant IBM storage capacity management and planning metrics, including over-provisioned volumes, used/usable/raw capacity, thin and thick provisioning statistics, etc. Proactive capacity planning helps you avoid potential outages and saves you from spending resources on unneeded storage assets.

Detailed storage reports and alerts

srm user defined thresholds

Detailed storage reports and alerts

Get detailed insight from well-structured and detailed storage reports. Create out-of-the-box reports such as enterprise capacity summary, RAID/storage pool group utilization, thin provisioning, free LUNS, asset information, and more. Finally, receive critical storage reports anywhere, anytime via email. User-defined alerts help you take immediate action to eliminate potential storage outages and avoid unplanned downtime.
"With Storage Resource Monitor, I was able to solve severe disk bottleneck issues. And, I was able to pinpoint which LUN was causing the issues."
IT/Systems Administrator
Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Storage Resource Monitor

  • Überwachung von Speicher-Arrays unterschiedlicher Hersteller wie EMC, NetApp, Dell und andere.

  • NAS- und SAN-Leistungsüberwachung in Echtzeit.

  • Benachrichtigungen zu Problemen bei Geräten, LUNs, Speicherpools/RAID-Gruppen, CIFS-Freigaben usw.

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