Unified IT Monitoring with the SolarWinds Orion Platform

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SolarWinds ® Orion ® Platform is trusted by 425 of the Fortune 500 ® companies to monitor, visualize, and analyze the performance of networks, applications, systems, and databases on-premises, in a hybrid environment, or in the cloud.

Help Ensure Service Availability

Help Ensure Service Availability

Your business simply cannot afford to have your critical services interrupted, and these services rely on your network, systems, applications, virtualization, storage, and database all working in concert. The Orion Platform brings visibility into all the elements of your critical services in order to manage them effectively.

Improve Operational Efficiency


Improve Operational Efficiency

Monitor and correlate data across the entire IT stack to help you meet your service level agreements and reduce monitoring efforts, so you can focus your activities where they really matter: deploying new services and improving end-user experience.

Consolidate Tools

Consolidate Tools

The Orion Platform gives you one platform from one vendor, with a single pane of glass, and everything you need for end-to-end IT visibility. Its modular architecture allows you to deploy what you want when you want it, all while consolidating metrics and data in one view, in context, with advanced alerts for faster root cause identification.

Optimize Business Service Delivery

Optimize Business Service Delivery

The internet is down. I can’t get my mail. My phone connection is poor. You’ve heard them all before. Users don’t care why, they just know that they cannot access critical applications. Optimizing delivery of IT services with our business software will help to ensure the availability of critical services and keep the complaints to a minimum.

Automate IT Processes

Automate IT Processes

As your environment grows in size and complexity, so too does the need for repeatable automated processes. From simple backups to automated configuration changes, process automation can help reduce errors and lower costs by reducing downtime.

Products powered by SolarWinds Orion Platform

Network Automation Manager

Netzwerkautomatisierungs- und Verwaltungssoftware für lokale, hybride und Cloud-Umgebungen

Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

Umfassende Netzwerkbandbreitenanalyse und Leistungsüberwachung

Server & Application Monitor

Serverüberwachungssoftware zur Identifizierung und Behebung von Anwendungsproblemen

Virtualization Manager

Überwachung virtueller Maschinen zur minutenschnellen Leistungsoptimierung und Problembehebung

Storage Resource Monitor

Speicherverwaltungssoftware mit Leistungsüberwachung für mehrere Anbietergeräte

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Scale as your IT needs grow
The Orion Platform is designed to be both a modular and scalable enterprise software. Modular so you can start with the product that you need today and add more as your needs grow, all while maintaining consolidated metrics and data in one view, with advanced alerts for faster root cause identification. It’s also scalable, allowing you to monitor hundreds of thousands of elements across multiple locations.

SolarWinds is trusted by over 275,000 customers in 190 countries

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