SQL Plan Warnings A SQL tool that provides instant visibility into SQL query plan warnings that you don't even know exist

Discover all execution plans that include warnings from the SQL Server optimizer and improve performance of your database.

  • Gives you a unique visibility into plan warnings that can be easily overlooked and can affect query performance
  • Sort all warnings by consumed CPU time, elapsed time, or execution
  • Filter results by warning type or by specific keywords
  • Investigate plan warnings, query text, or complete query plan in a single click
  • No installation is needed—just download the tool and run

Discover plan warnings that can affect performance

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Database Performance Analyzer
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Datenbankverwaltungssoftware für SQL-Abfrageleistungsüberwachung, ‑analyse und ‑optimierung

  • Intuitive performance analysis

  • Blocking analysis

  • Database, index, and query tuning advisor

  • Real-time and historic monitoring

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