Which Monsters are Lurking in Your Database?

Wanted: SE Feature Leecher

You have to move from Enterprise Edition to Standard. That sucks! The SE Feature Leecher is going to take away your performance monitoring tools that you used to rely on. No more diagnostics and tuning packs, yet you have to continue to deliver high performance. Now what?

Get better tools

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer restores the database performance monitoring that you lose when moving to SE. And at a much lower cost! Database Performance Analyzer is completely compatible with SE with no loss functionality. Unlike OEM, Database Performance Analyzer provides detailed performance analysis that can be easily shared and understood by developers, managers, DBAs, and architects. Without the load and complexity of the Diagnostic Pack, DBAs can actually improve IT team collaboration and database performance.

Learn more about monitoring performance in SE, Download a free 14-day Database Performance Analyzer, and restore your performance monitoring mojo.