Which Monsters are Lurking in Your Database?

Meet the Monsters

Performance Hog

Winner of the 2002 database resource eating contest. This Performance Hog is a real pig when it comes to IO, CPU, and memory resources. Degrading performance for end-users.

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Virtual Vandal

The Virtual Vandal loves hiding critical server resource metrics needed to solve VMware® database performance problems. Good luck finding them!

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Spending countless hours pouring over useless tools trying to figure out…WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? This is exactly what the Time-Sucka’ loves most. Fo’ shizzle!

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Query Blocker

Everyone’s least favorite QB, he places locks on rows or tables and blocks all access to records. He’s also a hit at parties with the forehead-beer-can-smash trick.

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As president of the debate team, the Blame-O-Saurus loves subjective information. Top weakness? Facts. Like those found by measuring response time.

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Voted "least easy-going", the DevObstacle loves to isolate IT teams and rigidly stands between DBAs and developers. No collaboration while he's around, boy howdy.

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SE Feature Leecher

Just like that last relationship, moving from Enterprise Edition to Standard sucks! SE Feature Leecher is going to take away your performance monitoring tools that you used to rely on!

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