Database Performance Monitoring

Solve complex application performance problems and accelerate response times

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer

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Get deep visibility into database performance and expert advice for performance optimization and tuning

You can't get application performance without database performance. Give everyone on the team a comprehensive view of how every aspect of the system affects performance across relational database operations, host server and OS, virtualization resources and storage I/O. Quickly find bottlenecks and troubleshoot complex database performance problems.

Start now. One install monitors all databases.

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Optimize databases anywhere with Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)


Identify performance bottlenecks of database instances deployed on Amazon RDS and EC2.


Accelerate SQL Server performance on Microsoft Azure virtual machines or Azure SQL Databases.


Correlate SQL query performance with VM resources, the physical host, storage, and the network.

Why Database Performance Analyzer is the tool of choice for performance experts

Extend your database management software capabilities

Server & Application Monitor

Comprehensive server monitoring software made simple

  • Get started typically in minutes
  • Monitor Azure and AWS IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • 1200+ application monitoring templates
Starts at $2,995
Storage Resource Monitor

Storage management software built with multi-vendor performance monitoring

  • Multi-vendor storage monitoring
  • Performance and capacity planning
  • Alerting and hotspot detection
Starts at $2,995

Which Database Management Software Best Suits Your Needs?

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