SolarWinds Significantly Expands Systems Management Product Footprint

AUSTIN, Texas – February, 2, 2012 – SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced that it is driving its model of easy to use, powerful and affordable software solutions even deeper into the systems management market. Through two acquisitions and upcoming releases of existing SolarWinds products, the company now offers a more comprehensive suite of highly regarded, highly-effective products for sysadmins in organizations of all sizes.  

“Over the past year, we’ve extended our reach into the server and app management market by leveraging our unique and disruptive business model to sell easy to use, powerful, and affordable products directly to system administrators,” said Kevin Thompson, president and CEO, SolarWinds. “Our goal in this market is to provide sysadmins with the tools they need to get their jobs done faster and easier, at a price they can afford.”
Throughout the first quarter of 2012, SolarWinds will focus on expanding the number of problems its systems management portfolio can solve for sysadmins through the integration of newly acquired products in the systems management space:
  • In December 2011, the company acquired certain assets of  Dameware  Development LLC, a Louisiana-based company that built its brand and reputation on delivering low-cost, high-powered server and PC remote control tools to sysadmins. 
  • The addition of Dameware, with its more than 40,000 customers and hundreds of thousands of users, should help SolarWinds to significantly expand its mindshare with sysadmins, much like Engineer’s Toolset did in the network management market during the company’s early days.
  •  Just recently, the company completed the transaction to acquire certain assets of  EminentWare . The four-year old company, based in Houston, TX, is a provider of patch management tools focused on Microsoft Windows servers and workstations. 
  •  These newly acquired products all share the fundamental characteristics that users have come to expect from SolarWinds; they are easy to install, quickly solve everyday problems, and are very affordable.   

Dameware Tools and EminentWare’s  patch management products  will join SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor and SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor to form a product portfolio that addresses the needs of the sysadmin – from tools that deal with every day troubleshooting to patch management and performance monitoring.  

“While there are many existing products in the systems management market, they have been aimed at driving a C-suite vision and suffered from weak investment, resulting in products that are underpowered, overpriced, unnecessarily hard to use, or all of these at the same time,” continued Thompson.  “By contrast, the goal of every SolarWinds systems management product is to meet the day-to-day needs of the IT professional and offer a unique combination of power, usability, and enterprise scalability, all at an affordable price.” 

SolarWinds Systems Management Portfolio

Dameware NT Utilities and Mini Remote Control


  •  Dameware’s NT Utilities and Mini Remote Control are trusted, indispensable, daily administrative tools for tens of thousands of system administrators.   
  • Dameware NT Utilities (DNTU) provides an integrated collection of Microsoft Windows administration utilities within a centralized interface for remote management of Windows servers, workstations, desktops, and laptops.  DNTU is $349 per license.
  • Dameware Mini Remote Control (MRC)  delivers one of the most comprehensive feature sets for Windows remote management in the industry, with a price point that makes it one of the most affordable as well. MRC is $99.  
  •  Both products are available for purchase via  the Dameware site .  


SolarWinds Patch Manager


  •  Based on EminentWare’s server-based products,  SolarWinds Patch Manager  makes the time-intensive, error-prone chore of patching Microsoft Windows servers and workstations simpler, faster, and more reliable.  
  •  SolarWinds Patch Manager allows sysadmins to automate patching applications across tens of thousands of servers and workstations and receive automatic notifications of new third-party patches from leading vendors like Adobe®, Apple®, Google®, Mozilla®, and Sun Microsystems®. 
  •  Patch Manager starts at $1,195 for 100 nodes, including the first year of maintenance.  More information about the new SolarWinds Patch Manager is currently available via the  EminentWare website .  


SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor


  •  Later this quarter, SolarWinds expects to re-launch and will rename its Application Performance Monitor (APM) to  SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) . The new name more accurately reflects the product’s value for monitoring server and applications.  
  • Server & Application Monitor is a comprehensive server and application management product that enables monitoring of Windows, Unix, and Linux servers, and provides visibility into the performance of critical IT services, the underlying application components, the operating system and server resources on which they run.
  • The new SAM introduces several key features including a server hardware health monitor, and a real-time process explorer. 
  • SolarWinds SAM starts at $2,495 for 50 monitors, including first year of maintenance.


SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor


  • SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor (SeUM) delivers affordable cloud-based and internal web application monitoring, as well as external website monitoring, allowing users to respond to transaction problems before customers see them. It monitors web applications through synthetic user tests, reporting on duration and success.
  •  The latest version, available later this quarter, introduces the SeUM Cloud Player Portal to greatly simplify the process of running synthetic playbacks from the cloud.   
  •  This release adds capabilities to recognize & validate images and record/playback rich Internet content for interactive web plug-ins such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. 
  • SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor  starts at $1,995 for five recordings, including first year of maintenance.  


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