Web Performance Monitor

Easy, Affordable Website & Web Application Performance Monitoring

  • Continuously monitor end-user experience for each step of a Web transaction
  • Monitor any Web application whether internal (behind the firewall), external (customer-facing), or cloud-based
  • Quickly find the root cause for each Web page performance issue: DNS look-up, connection time, send time, time to first byte, or content download time
  • Visualize availability & duration alerts by transaction step, Web page & location
  • Enjoy full support for Java®-based applications & rich Web technologies such as AJAX, Flash® & Silverlight®
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Web Performance Monitor: What's New

New Features

You asked. We delivered! Our product team has been hard at work listening to user input and delivering the goods! SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor is more powerful than ever. Just check out the features below.

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Version History

Version 2.0 of Web Performance Monitor (formerly Synthetic End User Monitor) brings exciting new features. Highlights include:

Version 2.0 Highlights

  • Full support for Web-based Java™ applications including technologies such as AJAX, Flash®, and Silverlight®
  • Recorder improvements that let you edit existing recordings, so as your websites and Web applications change, you can easily update your recordings without needing to re-record them
  • Additional charts and resources that include the much requested HTTP waterfall charts,a Page Element Overview resource, and a Requests With Issues resource. There is also a new Locations Resource with a Player Agent Load Indicator. Additional Web UI improvements include:
    • New charting with warning and critical thresholds
    • Historical player agent load chart
    • Support custom object resource for top X locations by duration
    • Support multi-object chart resources
  • Player and transactions upgrades, including automatic Player update and integrated remote Player deployment

For more details, please see the release notes.
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Version 1.5 of Synthetic End User Monitor adds exciting features that make it perfect for the largest enterprises and the smallest do-it-yourself IT shops. At a fraction of the price of competing solutions, Version 1.5 combines the power and scalability you need with the simplicity and cost savings you crave.

Version 1.5 Highlights

  • Quickly and inexpensively deploy transaction players to Amazon EC2 with the Cloud Player Portal and run synthetic transactions from the cloud whenever you want — eliminating the hassle and astronomical expense of having a middleman run these test transactions for you
  • Record and playback rich content, including Flash® and Silverlight®, and validate non-text content on a page
  • Leverage the new multi-tenant UI to enable multiple users to securely monitor a myriad of Web applications from one instance – perfect for MSPs and large, global deployments
  • Playback recorded transactions as frequently as every minute to determine application response time
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Tips And Training


SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor Admin Guide

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