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NEW in v2.2! February 24, 2015

Monitor website & infrastructure performance in a single pane of glass

Faster root cause analysis with relationship mapping

Identify poor user experience and immediately uncover infrastructure issues that could be the root cause.

Learn about the AppStack environment view

Map transactions and steps with infrastructure dependencies

Web-Based Alerting

The alerting engine has been moved to the Web console and has several usability improvements.

Learn how to use the new Web-based alerting engine in this training video

New to Web Performance Monitor

Learn More About v2.2

Upgrade to Web Performance Monitor 2.2. It only takes minutes!

Upgrading Web Performance Monitor is as simple as visiting your Customer Portal and downloading version 2.2.

Contextually drill into infrastructure performance issues that could be causing your websites to run slow

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v2.1 August 26, 2014

Integration with Server & Application Monitor and Network Performance Monitor allows you to see Web transaction performance from the end-users' perspective & troubleshoot problems faster.

Monitor specific application & infrastructure components that affect site performance, Web-based reporting, custom properties, and updates to the recorder.

 November 15, 2012

Full support for Web based apps, recorder improvements, performance monitoring through waterfall charts, and more.

Web Performance Monitor 2.0 enables admins to monitor Web based apps for technologies such as AJAX®, Flash®, and Silverlight®. Player & transaction updates and deployment, monitor page elements using waterfall charts, etc.

 February 12, 2012

Version 1.5 provides the ability to natively deploy transaction players to Amazon EC2® so you can monitor transactions from almost anywhere in the world.

Deploy transaction players to Amazon EC2, record and playback rich content, including Flash and Silverlight, and validate non-text content on a page.