Virtualized Application Performance Pack

Application stack monitoring - app, virtualization & storage

Application Stack Monitoring - App, Virtualization & Storage

  • In-context management spanning app, VM, host, cluster & datastore
  • Prebuilt Virtualization Manager integration with Server & Application Monitor (SAM)
  • Deep visibility into datastore performance & capacity
  • Datastore application dependency views with IOPs & latency overlays
  • Storage Manager integration to provide application specific visibility to LUN, RG and Disk

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Virtualized Application Performance Pack Features

  • Remediation of Server Performance Issues

    Resolve problems in context with built-in actions for starting and stopping services, killing processes, and rebooting servers.

  • Virtualization Performance Monitoring and Management

    Virtualization Manager helps you proactively monitor and analyze virtualization-specific performance problems in VMware and Hyper-V environments.

  • VDI Performance Monitoring & Management Tools

    SolarWinds Virtualization Manager software lets you monitor Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) performance, quickly troubleshoot issues, and easily plan VDI rollouts.

  • E2E Virtualized Application Performance Monitoring

    Troubleshoot across the application stack to pinpoint problems in the application, virtualization, and storage/datastore layer.

  • Comprehensive Application Monitoring

    SolarWinds leverages out-of-the-box application monitors for more than 150 applications, enabling you to keep a close eye on virtually all elements of your critical business applications.

  • Heterogeneous Virtualization Management

    Virtualization Manager allows you to manage both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments from a single pane of glass.

What Virtualized Application Performance Pack Includes

Virtualization Manager

Recommendations to optimize your VMware®, vSphere®, and Microsoft Hyper-V® environments

  • Performance & capacity dashboards simplify forecasting, detection & troubleshooting
  • Capacity planning, trending & modeling for capacity limits & changes
  • Identifies VM sprawl, & helps you reclaim and optimize space

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Server & Application Monitor

Performance monitoring for servers and hundreds of applications

  • Monitors performance & user experience for virtually any application
  • Monitors server OS & hardware faults across platforms
  • Provides guidance on what to monitor & why, & optimal thresholds

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Now thanks to Server and Application Monitor and Network Performance Monitor, we have amazing visibility about past, present, and future. "

Russ Harland

Senior Systems Administrator at Munters

Used by Companies Worldwide

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