What's New in Virtualization Manager

NEW! v6.2 February 24, 2015

Deep Visibility with the AppStack Environment View

Full Application Stack Visibility & Awareness

Identify the root cause of problems by quickly drilling into the app, server, virtual, and storage layers to troubleshoot performance issues.

Learn about the AppStack environment view

It's All About The App: Application-Centric Systems Management

Stand-Alone Orion Platform

Integration with the Orion® platform gives you access to powerful Web-based reports, alerts, and dynamic thresholds.

Web-based alerts

Web-based reports

Virtual Machine Management Actions

Power on, off, reboot and suspend a virtual machine. Take and delete snapshots—all from the Orion console.

Management actions setup

Co-Stop % Counter

Detect when too many vCPUs have been added to a VM thereby slowing its performance.

Learn more about co-stop % counter

Upgrade to Virtualization Manager 6.2. It takes only minutes!

Get the most out of your virtual environment. Continuously monitor Virtual Machines, Host, and Datastores to allow for more uptime and faster troubleshooting issues.

Upgrading Virtualization Manager is as simple as visiting your Customer Portal and downloading version 6.2.


v6.1 May 13, 2014

Get access to several key Orion features from dynamic thresholds and advanced alerting, plus other new features, such as synchronization wizard, role-based access control, and more.

    Deep integration with SolarWinds SAM & NPM, role based access control to manage users, visibility through vnodes giving access manage nodes in SAM & NPM, Web-based alerts, and support for Microsoft Hyper-V clusters.

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v6.0 August 13, 2013

Virtualized application stack monitoring from application to datastore plus enhanced Hyper-V storage support, and lots more.

Integration with SolarWinds SAM to give in-context views from app to storage, deeper virtualization visibility to the datastore for SAM & NPM users, enhancements to Microsoft Hyper-V storage objects, updates to library, components, and GUI.

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v5.1 December 4, 2012

Improved Hyper-V data and support for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) monitoring and management.

    Monitor the health and status of your VDI environments, improved Hyper-V data collection, and scalability improvements.

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