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NEW in v7.0! November 1, 2016

Identify and fix VMware vSphere® and Microsoft® Hyper-V problems

Actionable intelligence

Built-in recommendations with actions that fix active problems and prevent new ones in your environment.

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Prevent future performance problems

Historical trends and patterns give predictive recommendations for VM resource configuration and placement.

Schedule recommendations after hours

New scheduling options allow recommendations to be scheduled to run after hours at preselected times.

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v6.3 June 5th, 2015

Improved Orion® Platform integration, including alerting and management actions.

Orion Platform based alerting with suggested resolution options. Addidtional management actions including: add and remove CPU/memory, vMotion/Live Migration and Storage vMotion/Live Migration.

v6.2 February 24, 2015

Stand-alone Orion Platform integration with a SolarWinds Application Stack environment view and more.

Stand-alone integration with Orion, which allows access to web-based alerts and reports. New management actions allow power and snapshot actions to be initiated from the Virtualization Manager interface.

 May 13, 2014

Get access to several key Orion features from dynamic thresholds and advanced alerting, plus other new features, such as synchronization wizard, role-based access control, and more.

Deep integration with SolarWinds SAM and NPM, role-based access control to manage users, visibility giving access to manage nodes in SAM and NPM, web-based alerts, and support for Microsoft® Hyper-V clusters.