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NEW in v7.1! March 14, 2017

Optimze and fix VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V problems

Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Monitor and manage your AWS EC2 and EBS instances from the same console as your on-premises virtualization environment

Performance Stack Dashboard

Cross-stack data and metric correlation for your virtualization and systems data

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v7.0November 1st, 2016

Analytics engine used for predictive and active recommendations for optimal VM configuration and placment

Using the built-in management actions, predicitve and active recommendations can be run immediately or scheduled to run at a later date and time

v6.3June 5th, 2015

Improved Orion® Platform integration, including alerting and management actions.

Orion Platform based alerting with suggested resolution options. Addidtional management actions including: add and remove CPU/memory, vMotion/Live Migration and Storage vMotion/Live Migration.

v6.2February 24, 2015

Stand-alone Orion Platform integration with a SolarWinds Application Stack environment view and more.

Stand-alone integration with Orion, which allows access to web-based alerts and reports. New management actions allow power and snapshot actions to be initiated from the Virtualization Manager interface.