Virtualization Manager

Comprehensive Virtualization Management – From VM to Spindle

  • Real-time dashboards simplify Identification & troubleshooting of performance, capacity & configuration problems
  • Identifies VM sprawl, helps you reclaim & optimize space & reduces licensing costs
  • Integration with Server & Application Monitor provides application stack management from app to datastore
  • All the functionality & more of other leading virtualization management tools – at a fraction of the cost
  • Easy to download, deploy & use – start monitoring your VMs in less than an hour
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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, formerly Hyper9 Virtualization Manager, our comprehensive all-in-one virtualization management software that delivers integrated capacity planning, VM sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management and chargeback automation—all in one affordable product that’s easy to download, deploy and use.
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This video provides an overview of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and its key capabilities.
This video provides a how-to guide for forensic analysis and troubleshooting to determining VM faults in your virtual infrastructure using the new Time Travel feature in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.
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In this webinar, we will discuss the journey to Private Cloud Adoption – from the early stages of virtualization adoption to operating a private cloud and delivering IT as a service.
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Watch this webcast with Eric Siebert, VMware® vExpert, blogger and published author, along with SolarWinds’ virtualization management expert, Jon Reeve. We’ll be discussing, “Managing Performance in a Virtual Environment.”
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Virtual environments have unique challenges and requirements that are not present in traditional physical environments.
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Virtualization changes the way just about everything is done in the data center, including capacity planning. Traditional physical server environments are fairly straightforward to plan for capacity, as they typically are dedicated to a single application.
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Product FAQ

Q: How is Virtualization Manager installed?
A:  SolarWinds Virtualization Manager is packaged and installed as a Virtual Appliance—a self-contained Virtual Machine for either VMware® or Microsoft® Hyper-V®, containing everything you need pre-packaged for convenience. The Virtual Appliance can be imported into your VMware vCenter™ or Hyper-V environment so you can be up and running extremely quickly!
Q: What hypervisors are supported by Virtualization Manager?
A:  SolarWinds Virtualization Manager supports VMware ESX & ESXi as well as Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.
Q: How does Virtualization Manager collect data?
A:  SolarWinds Virtualization Manager leverages a number of mechanisms to collect data, including the VMware APIs to vCenter™ and ESX (or ESXi). Hyper-V data is collected via WMI. Optionally, Virtualization Manager may also collect information from inside the guest via WMI to enhance management functions.
Q: Does Virtualization Manager require agents?
A:  No, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager is a completely agentless solution, leveraging remote protocols for data collection.
Q: Does Virtualization Manager support VMware ESXi hosts?
A:  Yes, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager fully supports VMware ESXi (3.5 and above) based hosts.
Q: Does Virtualization Manager integrate with vCenter / vSphere?
A:  Yes, in addition to collecting data from vCenter via VMware APIs, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager offers a plugin for vSphere™ (vCenter 4.0 and above) to seamlessly integrate the Virtualization Manager user interface into the VMware VI Client.
Q: How is SolarWinds Virtualization Manager licensed?

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager licensing is based on the number of physical sockets being managed. The following list provides the different types of Virtualization Manager licenses available:

  • Up to 8 sockets
  • Up to 16 sockets
  • Up to 32 sockets
  • Up to 64 sockets
  • Up to 112 sockets
  • Up to 192 sockets
  • Up to 320 sockets
Q: How does Virtualization Manager store data?
A:  SolarWinds Virtualization Manager leverages an embedded database for convenience as part of the virtual appliance deployment.
Q: What SolarWinds products does Virtualization Manager integrate with?
A:  Virtualization Manager integrates with SolarWinds Storage Manager, Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and Network Performance Monitor (NPM).
Q: What data virtualization performance metrics can you see on SolarWinds SAM and NPM after integration?

Integration with SolarWinds SAM or NPM provides visibility into the application stack from VM to virtual storage performance. Some of the highlights include:

  • VMware® & Hyper-V® performance metrics
  • Capacity, utilization & performance of datastores & Hyper-V storage
  • Storage sub-views show a slice of the VM environment (vCenter, data center, cluster, ESX® hosts & VMs)
  • Metrics to monitor VM sprawl & reclaim CPU, memory & storage resources
  • Virtualization Manager reports & dashboards from Orion console
Q: Is it difficult to integrate Virtualization Manager with SAM or NPM?
A:  For SAM version 6.0 or later and NPM version 10.5 or later, the integration with Virtualization Manager is prebuilt in the product. Install the Virtualization Manager appliance and point it to the appropriate SAM or NPM instance, and the integrated data will automatically be provided.
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Take a test drive and see how to achieve end-to-end visibility and control over your virtual and physical infrastructure with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.
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