Citrix XenApp Monitoring with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

Monitoring XenApp® farms is critical because performance issues can come from various areas—poor application response time, failed client connections, application availability, etc. All can affect business groups and hundreds of users dependent on the XenApp infrastructure. To avoid these bottlenecks, you need a tool that easily discovers, diagnoses, and isolates performance problems while offering a solid end-user experience.

Benefits of Citrix XenApp Monitoring

Save yourself the trouble of getting notified by end-user help desk tickets. Start proactively and comprehensively monitoring your Citrix® XenApp server infrastructure. CPU spikes are a common issue in XenApp servers. To address this issue, you can set proactive thresholds to get notified or monitor real-time processes to diagnose high CPU utilization. Since virtual servers have several moving parts, it becomes easier to monitor all the different layers, from application to datastore.

To ensure login, user accounts, and systems are in sync, it’s essential to monitor Active Directory® servers. Get complete visibility on LDAP sessions, DNS services, replication, and services outages and ensure that XenApp users have seamless connectivity. Monitoring Citrix presentation servers is also a way to improve effectiveness of server utilization, user access & connectivity, and overall application performance & continuous availability.

View of Citrix XenApp performance monitoring capabilities with SolarWinds® SAM.

Citrix XenApp Performance Monitoring Using SolarWinds

Pinpoint performance issues and bottlenecks with your XenApp application:

Deep XenApp Performance Monitor: With SolarWinds’ application performance monitoring software, you can start monitoring performance metrics that are affecting end-users. Go deeper and get detailed performance data on every component of the XenApp infrastructure. Get comprehensive reports on key user experience metrics, such as response time, application status, Citrix IMA & licensing metrics, service metrics, etc. In addition, monitor physical resources and their status—get deep insights into the overall CPU usage, disk I/O, memory utilization, etc. The state of each metric and resource is also displayed in the form of graphs and charts on your custom dashboard.

View of Server & Application monitor showing Citrix XenApp performance metrics.

Application Visibility and Overall Usage: Having visibility into application performance allows IT pros to adjust and improve user experience. Having access to how many users are currently connected, login times, app responsiveness, datastore I/O, active and inactive sessions are a few essential areas where IT can get answers in minutes. This kind of deep visibility also reduces troubleshooting time considerably as root cause to performance problems are identified and fixed before end-users find out.

Screenshot of Citrix XenApp monitoring application visibility details.

Root Cause Analysis: Often, IT pros deploy XenApp on a virtual platform. This adds to the complexity of monitoring and identifying the root cause of issues. Drilling into virtual layers from the application and server layer shows the number of VMs accessing the application, ensures resource allocation is not an issue, VM availability, etc. In addition, IT pros can leverage dynamic services groups, built-in with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor to organize and monitor complex, multi-tiered applications. It also provides ways to aggregate status data from individual servers & applications, and identifies root-cause performance degradation.

Perform root cause analysis with SolarWinds Citrix XenApp monitoring software.

Additional Recommendations

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards: Visualize current and historical performance and availability of XenApp components, including: critical services, license check-in/check-out response time, application resolutions/sec, and datastore statistics.
  • Set thresholds from baseline data: With the help of expert templates for Citrix XenApp, determine what to monitor and leverage expert knowledge of what to do when a performance threshold is crossed. Set static thresholds based on best practices, or generate statistical thresholds from baseline performance.
  • Build custom reports: Get availability and performance data based on historical performance with Web based and customizable reporting. Quickly amend a report for a department or recipient and automate report delivery via email.
View of Citrix XenApp monitors out of the box dashboards.

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