Endpoint Monitoring and Wireless Tracking

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Device tracking on wireless networks can be hard without the right software

Finding endpoints can be difficult

Locating a desktop is hard, but with time and patience you can find it by tracing cables or sleuthing router ARP and MAC tables.

Wireless devices pose unique issues

Finding a wireless device on your network is even more difficult because it can move freely around your network.

You must track all endpoint devices

To effectively monitor and track endpoint devices, you need visibility across all network switches and wireless access points.

With User Device Tracker, you can easily:
Find wired and wireless endpoint devices on your network
When speed counts, locate most endpoint devices on your network quickly and easily. Search for wireless and wired endpoint devices by IP address, MAC address, or device vendor. Furthermore, if the device authenticates with Microsoft Active Directory®, you can search by user name and host name. User Device Tracker reports which wireless access point or network switch and switch port the endpoint device is connected to.
Monitor switch ports and wireless access points
In addition to quickly locating wireless and wired endpoint devices, User Device Tracker monitors wireless access points and network switches and switch ports. This will help you actively identify faults and performance problems, manage utilization, and plan for additional capacity. For example, User Device Tracker can display, via a single console, switch port utilization over time, the number of available ports, the number of wireless devices connected to a wireless access point, and more.
Effectively track wired and wireless endpoint devices
User Device Tracker maintains a history of Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections for all monitored wireless access points and network switches. Using this history can help you reliably determine when a wireless or wired endpoint device is connected to the network, where the connection occurred, and, in many cases, who was using the device. This capability is extremely useful and saves time when conducting forensics or demonstrating compliance.

QuoteWith User Device Tracker, [we] receive detailed metrics on switch port utilization, top access points by current endpoints, and top SSIDs."

Michael Low
Systems Engineer, at Marina Bay Sands
Monitor wireless access points and endpoint devices
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  • Quickly locate wireless endpoint devices on your network
  • Monitor wireless access points for faults, performance, and utilization
  • Maintain a history, and track wireless endpoint activity
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