Monitor Health, Availability, and Performance of Your Windows Environment

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Is it difficult to pinpoint why applications are running slow on your Windows Server?

High server resource utilization

High CPU utilization, insufficient memory and disk storage can cause applications running on Windows® to under-perform.

Rogue processes and services

When left unchecked, rogue processes and services consume excess server resources, causing application performance bottlenecks.

Lack full visibility of server hardware

Windows Server® downtime could be caused by the failure of hardware components in the physical server and virtual host.

Ensure Windows Server and applications are always available and running at peak performance
Optimal resource utilization and capacity forecasting
SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor provides built-in capacity forecast charts and metrics to easily identify when server resources will reach warning and critical thresholds.
  • Detect high CPU utilization, insufficient physical and virtual memory and available disk capacity in storage volumes
  • Trend peak and average capacity over time and find out when you will run out of resources
  • View historic baselines to help you identify what is normal resource consumption
Custom alert options to speed up troubleshooting
The built-in Windows Server monitoring templates let you collect performance metrics such as page file usage, % processor time, pages/sec, disk queue length and more. You can also monitor Windows network load balancing, print service, remote desktop service, FTP service and Windows update service, and get alerted on performance deviations. Using real-time monitoring and troubleshooting tools in Server & Application Monitor you can remotely monitor rogue/expensive processes and kill them, stop/restart corrupt services, view event logs and reboot the server.
Manage asset inventory and detect hardware failure
Server & Application Monitor offers built-in IT asset inventory to scan your Windows environment to collect hardware and software information such as drivers, firmware, hard drives, hosted virtual machines, logical volumes, memory, network interfaces, processors, installed software, Windows update information, applied operating system updates and more. You can also monitor the health and availability of server hardware components such as temperature, battery, CPU, fan speed and power supply, and get alerts on potential failures, which may impact Windows Server performance.
Unified monitoring of Windows and 3rd-party applications
SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor provides built-in capacity forecast charts and metrics to easily identify when server resources will reach warning and critical thresholds.

Windows Server Monitoring


Windows Server® monitoring gives detailed visibility into the health and availability of server resources, hardware, services, and applications running on the server. Receive alerts on performance issues for faster troubleshooting

QuoteA Windows service went down, and I would have never known it unless I was monitoring it with Server & Application Monitor—which allows identifying issues before they are recognized by the user base."

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End-to-end Windows performance monitoring
Server & Application Monitor Starting at $2995
  • Use out-of-the-box Windows monitoring templates to identify and alert on performance issues
  • Monitor processes, services and event logs in real-time for faster troubleshooting
  • Correlate Windows Server performance issues with the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure
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