Network Vulnerability Scanning

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Your network vulnerability scan found problems. Now what?

Correcting vulnerabilities

Configuration errors cause most network vulnerabilities. How do you do quickly take corrective action across hundreds of devices?

Controlling unauthorized changes

Once you have corrected the vulnerabilities, how do you make sure they don’t reoccur?

Auditing the network for compliance

Network vulnerability scanners don’t examine device configuration files. How can you peform a better network compliance audit?

Easily fix network vulnerabilities and keep your network secure and compliant

  1. Remediate network vulnerabilities with confidence

    When you have a network vulnerability that exists on tens or even hundreds of network devices, correcting that issue without automation wastes time and effort. With Network Configuration Monitor, you can build and test a configuration change and run that job against all targeted devices. This makes correcting or updating device configurations fast, and helps ensure that complex changes will be free of errors. Change automation works with most network devices, and is one of the fastest and easiest ways to correct problems and bring network devices back into compliance.

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  2. Prevent unauthorized network configuration changes

    Most vulnerabilities occur when configuration changes are not properly managed. Once you have your network devices secured with operating controls, protect them from unauthorized changes. Using Network Configuration Monitor, you can make configuration backups and monitor configurations for change. Network Configuration Monitor will alert you of any configuration changes, show you exactly what was changed, and tell you what login ID was used to make the change. If needed, you can roll back a config using a current archive copy.

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  3. Audit network routers and switches for policy compliance

    A network vulnerability test alone cannot detect all violations to security, risk, and operational policies. To get a better view of your network compliance, add device configuration auditing to your vulnerability scans. Network configuration management allows you to specify which policy-mandated controls must be configured and operating, and it will automatically and regularly audit your device configurations for compliance. Network Configuration Monitor will even let you create remediation scripts, which you can automatically or manually execute to rapidly bring out-of-compliance devices back into compliance.

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Monitor, manage, and protect network configurations

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  • Know immediately when any configurations are changed
  • Protect configurations with automated backups
  • Enforce compliance with change control, automation, and auditing

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