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Managing a VMware environment is not as easy as it seems

VMware optimization

Optimizing a VMware® environment is difficult because of the many resources (CPU, memory, storage, and networking) it draws from.

VMware management

Avoiding virtualization bottlenecks requires proactive monitoring and alerting on the status of all VMs and underlying hardware.

Storage I/O problems

Storage I/O problems are hard to detect, and they directly impact the end-user application experience.

Take control of your VMware environment. Remediate virtualization bottlenecks in minutes

  1. Easy-to-use performance dashboards

    SolarWinds Virtualization Manager has customized dashboards that show the overall health of your VMware vSphere environment. An environment view auto maps VMs to their dependent host, data stores, and related objects, allowing you to quickly see how VMs and hardware performance are related. You can drill deeper into VMs, hosts, or data stores to see alerts and performance metrics in greater detail. Host hardware health is also provided to alert about any pending component failures for your ESX hosts.

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  2. Optimization recommendations

    Virtualization Management discovers and analyzes your virtual environment and highlights those VMs that have large resource allocations and are sitting idle, as well as VMs that are starving for more resources. CPU and memory right-sizing recommendations are presented with VMware management actions, allowing for immediate resolution and optimal virtual machine performance. Storage analyses show VMs that have large snapshots and orphaned VMDK files, allowing for immediate reclamation and storage relief.

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  3. Out-of-the-box VMWare alerts

    VMware has thousands of counters and metrics. Knowing which ones to look at and when can be diffcult. Virtualization Manager comes with key VMware counters and thresholds, out of the box and turned on. These alerts are separated into active alerts and potential alerts so you can remediate proactively. The alerts details provide history, trigger conditions, and remediation tips to resolve issues. These alerts are also correlated to provide VMware-specific alerts, such as VM Swap, Memory ballooning, Co-Stop, and more.

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  4. Proactively analyze storage I/O performance

    Storage I/O contention and latency are some of the most common bottlenecks that occur in a VMware environment. Virtualization Manager gives you a comprehensive view of all shared storage and silos in a single pane of glass. There are customizable dashboards that provide critical storage metrics, such as read/write, IOPs, throughput, etc. to help you address contention application performance issues.

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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager… provides the same level of information and statistics as VMware vRealize® Operations Manager at a fraction of the price."

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Take complete control of your VMware environment

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  • Minimize Hyper-V resource contention for CPU, RAM, Storage and network
  • Right-size VM’s to free-up unutilized and underutilized resources
  • Take swift actions on application and workload issues based on discovered virtual dependencies

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