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Managing a virtual environment is difficult due to its complexity

Virtualization troubleshooting

It's challenging and time-consuming to sort through thousands of counters and metrics to discover and remediate issues.

Fix issues 24 X 7

Not all VM performance issues can be addressed during business hours. You need the ability to execute fixes anytime.

Prevent future problems

Proactively configuring and placing VM resources helps to prevent future performance issues.

Recommendations allow you to quickly fix and optimize your virtual environment

  1. Recommendations to fix active performance issues

    Virtualization Manager has built-in, actionable intelligence that provides recommendations to optimize your VMware®, vSphere®, and Microsoft® Hyper-V® environments. Detailed recommendations alert you to specific performance problems and include the ability to execute the fix. Recommendations may generate a multi-step fix to achieve the optimal performance state and relieve CPU, memory, and storage contention.

  2. Predictive recommendations to prevent future issues

    Predicated recommendations can help you proactively prevent performance issues from occurring. Prevent and prepare for the future state of your VMs and workloads. CPU, memory, and storage trends are calculated using historical data to provide performance degradation dates and outages. Predicated recommendations help ensure that your VM resource configuration is optimal for patterned usage spikes, such as EOD, EOW, and EOM.

  3. Optimal VM placement to distribute VM workloads

    Optimal VM placement is key for VM resource growth and usage spikes. VM placement recommendations work by distributing your VMs, CPU, memory, and storage patterned max usage across your host and storage devices. Understanding a VM's current usage and predictive spike usage allows for less VM movement between hosts and storage devices once optimally placed.

  4. Ability to schedule recommendations and fixes

    Some VM resource changes require a reboot and migrating storage can degrade performance during the move. Making such changes during business hours tends to exacerbate the problem. Having the ability to schedule recommendations and their fixes allows these changes to take place during non-peak or maintenance windows.

I recommend SolarWinds Virtualization Manager because it provides the same level of information and statistics as vRealize® Ops Manager™ at a fraction of the cost."

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