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Manually analyzing hundreds of Ubuntu logs to troubleshoot an issue is time-consuming

Unmonitored server logs

Unmonitored and non-centralized event activity makes security incident awareness difficult.

Manual threat remediation

Manually analyzing event logs from Ubuntu™ systems is time-consuming and compromises IT security.

Siloed troubleshooting processes

Without centralized system logs, root-cause analysis during troubleshooting is unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming.

Automate Ubuntu log analysis, remediate system threats, and improve IT operations

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    Classify and aggregate system logs automatically

    Centralize logs from Ubuntu machines, and from thousands of applications, network devices, and servers with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager. Log analysis and forensics become easier when you centralize and control all logs from a single location. Log & Event Manager helps you automatically classify system logs by various parameters, such as source machine, source and destination IPs, insertion and detection times, protocols, logon/logoff data, and so on, helping you eliminate guess work.

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  2. Investigate security issues faster with simplified troubleshooting

    Log & Event Manager has hundreds of built-in rule templates that can be further organized by categories, helping you quickly get to the problem during a firefight. These built-in rules provide real-time security incident awareness right out of the box, and you can customize them to suit business needs or industry-standard compliance requirements. Log normalization and intuitve graphical user interface helps you visualize the machine data in a meaningful format, without the need for complex coding or scripting processes.

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  3. Detect, track, and analyze malicious events from Ubuntu systems

    You can customize Log & Event Manager to correlate every event from all your Ubuntu systems, in real-time. In the event of malicious activity in the Ubuntu system, the built-in Active Response technology in Log & Event Manager lets you automate critical actions, such as kill processes by ID or name, log users off, remove user-defined group elements, restart or shut down machines, send incident alerts, emails, or popup messages, etc.

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It’s a great way to find out if ex-employees still have active account actions on the network (logging in to workstations or services… etc.)"

Nathan Turner

Systems Administrator at ClearBalance

Protect critical systems, remediate threats, and improve IT operations

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  • Collect, centralize, and analyze events and logs across Ubuntu systems, routers, switches, servers, and applications
  • Use real-time event correlation to detect and respond to malicious activities in servers and network
  • Automate, simplify, and demonstrate compliance, and get actionable data in less time

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