Automated Switch Configuration Management

with Network Configuration Manager


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Overcome inefficient manual switch configuration management

Time consuming and error prone

Extensive admin time and effort is required to organize and oversee multi-vendor device environments.

Downtime due to misconfigurations

Configuration change errors cause network issues that are difficult to troubleshoot and resolve.

Non-compliance due to security gaps

Security gaps and vulnerabilities often result in compliance violations.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps with managing switch configuration tasks

  1. Save time and increase productivity with automation

    Manually managing device configurations can be challenging with a growing network. It is difficult to meet compliance regulations when you spend most of your time executing configuration tasks and dealing with error-prone config changes. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps reduce configuration errors while you are deploying and documenting configuration changes, such as device banner setups and device password, interface description, VLAN, and ACL changes.

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  2. Easily replace failed switches for faster disaster recovery

    The fastest way to restore a failed device is to swap it with a similar replacement device. After stacking up the replacement device, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps you easily locate the required configuration from a backup and upload it on the new device. Verify changes in the configuration by comparing it with a baseline. Restoring a configuration and deploying the new device is fast and minimizes network downtime caused by failed devices.

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  3. Reduce outages caused by configuration change errors

    Configuration change errors often result in network outages and costly downtime. Network Configuration Manager helps you quickly troubleshoot and identify configuration change errors, streamline device configuration and change management, and quickly recover from disasters caused by failed devices while your critical network infrastructure changes are being deployed.

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  4. Eliminate security vulnerabilities by staying compliant

    Executing compliance tasks and enforcing compliance management policies requires a lot of time and effort. Using vulnerability scanning, compliance assessment reports, immediate remediation options, and real-time configuration change monitoring, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps you adhere to security policies by helping you identify and close security gaps in your network. Reduce audit times and help ensure compliance through continuous network monitoring.

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SolarWinds allowed us to make global changes across 5000+ switches, validate success, mitigate the chance of failure, and quickly recover from failures in less than 5% of the time it would have taken to do by hand."

Systems Engineer at Educational Institution

Automate config, change, and compliance management

Network Configuration Manager Starts at $2845

  • Improve network reliability using change monitoring, alerting, and configuration backups and rollbacks
  • Reduce configuration errors by using standardized device configurations and automated deployment
  • Improve network security with IOS vulnerability scanning and NIST FISMA, DISA STIG, and DSS PCI compliance tests

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