Don't let expired SSL certificates affect your website's availability and security

Insecure website access for end-users

Expired SSL certificates compromise the trust and integrity of the site, making it vulnerable for hackers to target and breach.

Website not available

When an SSL certificate expires and loses validity, secure networks and browsers may not allow access to your site, rendering it unavailable.

Impacts site reputation and business

According to Symantec®, 90% of consumers end transactions upon getting an SSL warning, and 72% abandon transactions or go to competitor sites.

Proactively monitor the expiration and validity of SSL certificates
Know when your website's SSL certificates will expire
Automate the task of monitoring SSL certificate expirations. Ensure the trust, reliability and accessibility of your websites. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor includes an out-of-the-box SSL Certification Expiration monitor. This lets you test a web server's ability to accept incoming sessions over a secure channel, and verify the security certificate's expiration date. Configure thresholds, and get alerted long before SSL certificates will expire.
Identify web server performance issues
Server & Application Monitor delivers out-of-the-box monitoring templates for IIS, Apache®, Tomcat®, IBM WebSphere®, Oracle WebLogic® and more. A built-in AppInsight™ template provides deep monitoring of IIS, allowing you to easily isolate complex issues impacting website performance including:
  • Web server response time and page requests
  • Website connections and application cache
  • CPU and memory usage, and average network traffic
  • Processes and services running on IIS server
  • Site bindings and SSL certificate expiry
In addition, you can monitor and manage application pools and IIS websites, and remotely start/stop/restart them.
Monitor and check the availability of Web services
Slow and unresponsive Web services and APIs affect application performance. Server & Application Monitor immediately notifies you when your Web services experience a failure or malfunction. It includes built-in monitors for HTTP, HTTPS and SOAP. The HTTP and HTTPS monitors also support JSON code.
  • Monitor response time and availability of Web services
  • Learn about Web service latency, and validate the content returned for Web service queries
  • Identify successful and failed form login attempts on Web pages served behind a secure form
Monitor applications and servers from one interface
In addition to monitoring your Web server infrastructure, Server & Application Monitor supports monitoring of over 200 applications and multi-vendor servers out of the box.
  • Automatically scan, discover and map your systems environment
  • Monitor key applications such as AD®, Exchange, Linux®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, Citrix®, Java™ and more
  • Extend monitoring to custom and home-grown applications
  • Monitor server hardware health and resource usage, and forecast performance capacity
  • Eliminate false positives with advanced alerting, and get notified on the exact cause of performance problems

SSL Certificate Management


SSL certificate management is the automated process of testing a Web server's ability to accept incoming sessions over a secure channel, and verifying the security certificate's expiration date

QuoteSharePoint Web portal wouldn’t launch. Checking on Server & Application Monitor led me to identify the issue, which was in the IIS server. I restarted IIS, and the SharePoint application was able to run."

Hezekiah Omulo
IT/Systems Administrator, at Kemri - Wellcome Trust Research Programme at TechValidate
Monitor performance of your Web server environment
Server & Application Monitor Starting at $2995
  • Get alerted proactively when your website's SSL certificates will expire and lose validity
  • Quickly isolate the root cause of 'website down' and 'website slow' issues
  • Eliminate false positives with advanced alerting, and get notified on the exact cause of issues
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