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Databases are complex and hard to understand

Slow apps

Databases are often blamed for slow apps, and their complexity makes it difficult to identify the root cause of issues.

Countless metrics

Traditional tools focus on meaningless numbers and health metrics that fail to analyze key performance measures.


It's hard to get your team out of fire-fighting mode if you aren't proactively monitoring and optimizing database performance.

Database Performance Analyzer focuses on response time to identify delays inside the database

  1. Improve performance by measuring end-user experience

    The challenge is that many DBAs are not equipped to deal with improving the only performance metric that really matters: database response time. Response Time Analysis is a pragmatic approach to tuning and optimizing SQL query performance that empowers DBAs to deliver results that get noticed. Also referred to as wait time analysis, it allows IT teams to align their efforts with service-level delivery for IT customers. Instead of analyzing server health to make guesses, wait method measures time taken to complete a desired operation.

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  2. Multi-dimensional approach simplifies analysis

    Traditional database monitoring tools focus on health metrics. Dashboards show hundreds of meaningless gauges that require extensive analysis, while current application performance management tools do not help find the root cause of performance issues. Database Performance Analyzer’s Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis correlates response times, resources, SQL statements, wait events/types and relevant context to help quickly identify the root cause of complex performance problems. Database Performance Analyzer constantly looks at thousands of metrics that may contribute to application performance issues.

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  3. 24/7 monitoring of applications and databases through our Orion platform

    Database Performance Analyzer integrates with SolarWinds Orion® technology, including Server & Application Monitor, allowing you to monitor 24/7 and optimize across applications, databases and server performance. A dashboard view provides immediate visibility into database server health and critical applications accessing the database.

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This product is invaluable to my team for problem resolution. We could not do our jobs as efficiently, nor could we solve problems as quickly, without this product."

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  • Eliminate performance bottlenecks
  • Improve application service
  • Reduce overall cost of database operations

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