Dell SonicWALL Firewall Log Analysis

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Firewall logs contain critical security information that helps in mitigating threats

Unusual network traffic

Suspicious network activities like port scans from unauthorized IPs could be an act of reconnaissance.

Undetected firewall intrusions

Malicious attackers attempt to bypass perimeter defences to gain entry into your environment.

Compliance and policy violations

Specific internal or compliance-driven policy violations results in heavy fines and damaged reputations.

Monitor and analyze Dell SonicWALL firewall logs and secure your networks

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    Search and analyze firewall logs to prevent threats

    Solarwinds Log & Event Manager helps you receive, track, monitor and analyze Dell SonicWALL firewall logs for intrusion, malware, security threats, network traffic and more. You can visually explore the firewall log data through Log & Event Manager's intuitive dashboard. Perform indepth searches to analyze Dell SonicWALL logs to gain knowledge about recurring suspicious events and prevent security breaches. The search interface also helps you perform forensic analysis on events to determine what happened before, during and after an event.

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  2. Correlate events in real-time and discover anomalies

    Log & Event Manager monitors firewall logs and detects port scans and other network attacks based on unusual traffic patterns and malformed packets. With its real-time multiple-events correlation capabilities, you can effectively troubleshoot firewall anomalies by understanding the relationship between different activities. For example, the out-of-the-box correlation rules can help with finding the relationship between the number of user logon failures and denied traffic counts.

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  3. Quickly remediate threats with active response

    Log & Event Manager has the unique ability to set remediation measures for suspicious activities. Whether it’s a threat infiltrating your IT infrastructure, or malicious software that has passed through your firewall, SolarWinds Log & Event Manager takes responsive action in real-time based on the log data. Active Response gives real-time corrective attention to each violation, such as behavior patterns or specific internal or compliance-driven policies. For example, you can have a rule for port scans, and block non-whitelisted IPs from scanning your network.

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Dell SonicWALL Firewall Log Analysis

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  • Detect malicious activity between command control servers and botnets in your network using threat intelligence
  • Turn log data into real-time intelligence with event correlation
  • Respond in real-time to suspicious activity or communications

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