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Managing SharePoint is difficult, but it doesn't have to be

Slow page load times

It's difficult to diagnose what is causing slow SharePoint® response. Is it IIS? The database? Low server resources?

Difficult to troubleshoot

SharePoint depends on many components, including AD® and databases. It's hard to pinpoint and prevent problems.

Database latency issues

It is important to understand how database queries, resources and storage I/O impacts SharePoint performance, but how?

Isolate root causes, and troubleshoot SharePoint performance issues faster

  1. Improve page load time and minimize latency

    With SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, you can quickly identify the root cause of slow page load times on your SharePoint sites. Isolate page load speed issues based on location, application components or underlying server infrastructure.

    In addition, Server & Application Monitor offers native integration with SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor for synthetic transaction monitoring, showing you if a specific Web transaction or a step is causing Web pages and page elements to load slowly.

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  2. Easily handle a high volume of users and requests

    Server & Application Monitor provides detailed metrics to monitor along with custom alerts and reports. Requests per second, throughput, request wait time and rejected requests (usually 503 HTTP status code) due to insufficient server resources are among the metrics that SharePoint can report and alert on.

    Server & Application Monitor also provides insight about Windows®, AD and IIS performance metrics and services.

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  3. Improve database response time

    Server & Application Monitor helps you identify the root cause of SharePoint issues by monitoring key performance metrics, including request wait time, SQL query executing time and many more. For example, what appears to be a SharePoint issue may be due to a long-running query. Server & Application Monitor helps you identify the time taken for executing database queries, allowing you to pinpoint why a query is slow.

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  4. Monitor application, OS and host performance metrics

    Server & Application Monitor provides a detailed view of the health and performance of SharePoint, IIS, AD, Exchange and over 200 applications, as well as your operating system, virtualization resources, server hardware and storage performance. Get notified when server resources such as CPU, physical and virtual memory, disk I/O, storage capacity, etc. vary from statistical baselines or go beyond thresholds.

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SharePoint Performance Monitoring definition

SharePoint® performance monitoring software lets you diagnose issues that affect the performance of SharePoint Web applications. Monitor Web page element load times and track concurrent users, sessions, requests, and connectivity issues

SharePoint web portal wouldn’t launch. Checking on Server & Application Monitor led me to identifying where the issue was and that was the IIS server. I restarted IIS, and the SharePoint application was able to run."

Hezekiah Omulo

IT/Systems Administrator at Kemri-Wellcome Trust Research Programme

Troubleshoot SharePoint performance issues faster

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  • Discover and start monitoring your SharePoint environment for performance and availability issues
  • Eliminate rogue processes eating up system resources on the OS running SharePoint
  • Leverage built-in and customizable monitoring dashboards, alerts and reports for faster troubleshooting

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