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Do you know when your server resources will reach capacity?

Server resource contention

Inability to forecast resource utilization results in server resources (CPU, memory, storage) getting consumed fast.

Additional server resource costs

Lack of server resource usage and allocation details leads to increased expenditures for server hardware.

Impact on application performance

Resource contention bottlenecks impact the availability and performance of applications running on servers.

Simplify capacity planning, and forecast when you will run out of server resources

  1. Monitor server capacity and resource usage

    Sysadmins might not always know how their server resources (CPU, memory, storage and network) are being used against the available capacity. This causes resource contention issues, and ultimately impacts server performance.

    SolarWinds server monitoring software provides built-in capacity forecast charts and metrics to easily identify when server resources reach warning and critical thresholds. Trend peak and average capacity over time to make accurate capacity forecasts. Find and fix server capacity issues before they impact end-user productivity and business.

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  2. Optimize server and hardware resource investments

    Avoid unnecessary costs for server hardware resources whenever you encounter poor server performance. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor helps you quickly see what is causing server resource contention. Find and kill processes that consume excess memory. Track the applications running on your servers and see how much CPU, memory and storage hardware is being consumed. Right-size resource allocation on physical and virtual servers, and optimize performance.

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  3. Diagnose virtual and storage capacity issues

    Get a unified view of your entire application stack—from apps, to servers, to VM, down to storage arrays—with SolarWinds AppStack™ dashboard. Identify capacity issues at every level using:

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Server Capacity Planning definition

Server capacity planning is the process of monitoring and alerting on server resources, such as CPU, memory, disk, and network. Being able to forecast when your server will run out of resources will help optimize hardware investments

I had Server & Application Monitor running with all our 1000 servers. We had them monitoring for state and disk utilization. Being agentless, we can quickly add nodes and be up and running."

Jason Krisch

Technical Services Manager at Carilion Clinic

Troubleshoot server performance issues faster

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  • Discover and start monitoring your servers for performance and availability issues
  • Manage server resource capacity before investing in additional hardware
  • Leverage built-in and customizable monitoring dashboards, alerts and reports for faster troubleshooting

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