Extend Microsoft SCOM Monitoring to
Multi-Vendor Applications & Servers

with Server & Application Monitor


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Are you spending too much time deploying and managing 3rd-party management packs for Microsoft SCOM?

Dependent on 3rd-party management packs

Monitoring business-critical non-Microsoft applications requires expensive 3rd-party management packs and add-ons.

No built-in support for VMware monitoring

Monitoring VMware® requires the installation of management packs.

Lacks built-in multi-vendor server monitoring

Discovering and monitoring multi-vendor server hardware requires multiple management packs.

Extend the capabilities of Microsoft SCOM with SolarWinds to monitor 3rd-party applications and devices

  1. One interface to monitor heterogeneous IT infrastructure

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor extends the functionality of SCOM to non-Microsoft and custom applications, VMware environment, and multi-vendor server hardware. Using a single SolarWinds management pack for SCOM, you can eliminate the need to purchase and deploy multiple management packs from various vendors. Easily integrate performance metrics and alerts from Server & Application Monitor in the System Center management console. Leverage the same SolarWinds SCOM management pack to integrate System Center with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, and Web Performance Monitor.

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  2. Out-of-the-box support for 200+ enterprise applications

    Adding SolarWinds server and application monitoring software to your SCOM environment lets you natively monitor 200+ applications from one console without adding multiple management packs/add-ons. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides out-of-the-box templates for monitoring non-Microsoft applications, including Linux, UNIX, Java, IBM, DB2, Citrix, XenApp, Oracle, Apache®, MySQL®, SharePoint® Server, etc. Instantly view application health, performance metrics, dependent nodes, IP addresses, etc. to simplify your IT administration and troubleshooting.

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  3. Monitor virtually any custom and home-grown applications

    Creating custom application monitors in SCOM is typically cumbersome and time-consuming. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides an easy-to-use wizard to create custom templates to monitor any custom/home-grown application. By leveraging WMI, SNMP, JMX and VMware protocols, you can automatically discover and monitor performance metrics. Easily set baseline values for performance counters and receive custom alerts when they reach warning and critical threshold levels. Leverage hundreds of custom application templates available for free at SolarWinds Thwack® community.

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  4. In-depth monitoring of Microsoft applications

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides in-depth monitoring of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and IIS to help troubleshoot and solve complex performance issues. Using built-in AppInsight templates, you can monitor:
    • Exchange for storage issues, mail queues, mailbox database growth, events, critical processes and services, etc.
    • SQL Server for resource contention, database status and capacity, inefficient queries, etc.
    • IIS for website availability, website and application pools running, resource consumption, response time, etc.

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It was easy and intuitive to build customized application monitors. This took days to set up with SCOM, but took only a few clicks with SolarWinds. SolarWinds is significantly less expensive from a software and hardware perspective."

Jason Krisch

Manager, Technical Services at Carilion Clinic

Extend SCOM capabilities using SolarWinds

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  • Discover and start monitoring 200+ applications from a single dashboard
  • Manage enterprise and custom applications quickly with hassle-free deployment and setup
  • Simplify IT administration and troubleshooting of multi-vendor hardware and software

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Fully functional for 30 days

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