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Most security threats inevitably target privileged accounts

Stolen credentials

Traditional security products were not designed to detect the misuse of compromised credentials.

Malicious insiders

Because it is not possible to keep everyone happy all the time, rogue insiders are always a potential security threat.

Shared administrative accounts

Lack of accountability poses a major security risk, and makes it difficult to identify suspicious activity.

Establish privileged account management best practices with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

  1. Monitor and alert on privileged account activity

    Most security threats target privileged accounts as a precursor to theft or sabotage. Once an attacker acquires credentials, it can be very difficult to detect their activity on the network. One of the most effective means of detecting compromised credentials is monitoring for suspicious activity. Alerts can be configured to trigger on a significant change in the number of failed authentication attempts, an increase in the number of daily logins, or logins from multiple locations within a few minutes of each other.

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  2. Enable the implementation of least privilege

    One of the primary challenges to implementing a policy of least privilege is identifying the actual requirements for each user. SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager can report on the actual usage of privileges to justify granting elevated permissions and audit against the abuse of these privileges.

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  3. Enforce security policies through audits and reporting

    Shared operations accounts, default administrative accounts, and service accounts are all commonly used as a matter of convenience. However, from a security perspective, it is important to prohibit anonymous access to critical systems and confidential data. SolarWinds Log & Event Manager can help enforce these security policies by monitoring and auditing all administrative changes. These security best practices, when enforced, provide accountability within IT, and make it easier to identify an actual security threat using compromised credentials.

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