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Don't let PostgreSQL database performance impact applications and business services

Database running slow

Do you know if low CPU, insufficient database size or a long-running query is slowing your PostgreSQL™ database?

Impact on application performance

Because applications are dependent on databases, slow database response time will lead to slow application response time.

Server health issues

Lack of resources (CPU, memory, disk) and hardware health issues will impact the database that's running on the server.

Continuous monitoring of PostgreSQL database servers using Server & Application Monitor

  1. Proactive monitoring of PostgreSQL database

    SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor makes it easy to identify PostgreSQL database performance issues with out-of-the-box monitoring templates. Monitor and get alerted on key metrics such as:
    • Active database and server connections
    • Database and table size
    • Total number of indexes, locks and triggers
    • Biggest number of index scans, sequential scans and row reads
    • Database cache hit ratio, and successful transaction rates
    Server & Application Monitor is an agentless monitoring software that you can deploy and start using in no time. The optional agent installation extends monitoring to the cloud.

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  2. Intelligent alerts for faster troubleshooting

    Server & Application Monitor offers alerting for when a component in your PostgreSQL environment fails or experiences performance problems. Get alerted on slow database performance, CPU and memory usage, response time, packet loss, network latency and more.

    The statistical threshold-based alerting feature monitors your PostgreSQL database and dynamically calculates baseline performance. Set up alerts to notify you if warning or critical thresholds are reached. Eliminate false positives, simplify problem identification and accelerate troubleshooting.

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  3. Single tool to monitor multi-vendor applications

    In addition to monitoring PostgreSQL, Server & Application Monitor includes templates to monitor over 200 enterprise applications including Nginx®, Apache®, Tomcat®, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB®, Cassandra, Redis, OpenLDAP®, OpenVPN, running on Red Hat®, SuSE®, Ubuntu™, CentOS™, even AIX® and HP®-UX®. You can monitor custom applications and create your own templates, or use 800+ monitoring templates created and shared on the thwack® online community.

    If you are running PostgreSQL on a Linux server, you can easily pinpoint the root cause of a database issue—whether it is with PostgreSQL or with the operating system.

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  4. Monitor physical and virtual server infrastructure

    Whether on a Windows or Linux server, or virtualized on VMware® or Hyper-V®, you can monitor the health and availability of the hosted servers with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor.
    • Monitor the health and availability of your heterogeneous physical and virtual servers.
    • Track resource usage against available capacity, and forecast trends.
    • Monitor server hardware health, and use remote management actions to remediate server issues.
    Simplify troubleshooting by mapping which applications are running on which servers and virtual machines, and which storage volumes the applications are tied to.

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SolarWinds has been extremely simple and reliable. Using out-of-the-box SQL monitoring templates helped identify problems within our database structure. Now, it is very simple to identify issues which makes everyone’s jobs easier."

Dan Franklin

Consultant at Redstor Limited

Troubleshoot PostgreSQL performance issues faster

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  • Monitor key performance metrics to isolate the root cause of database issues
  • Get alerted proactively, and accelerate troubleshooting
  • Leverage out-of-the-box monitoring templates for over 200 applications

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