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Do you have deep visibility to troubleshoot Oracle WebLogic performance issues?

Unable to detect performance problems

Using manual methods is difficult, and creates a lack of visibility related to response time, JVM runtime, threads, etc.

Applications are slow to respond

Application issues can be related to server hardware failure, resource contention, and WebLogic component problems.

Memory issues are affecting WebLogic Servers

It is difficult to troubleshoot memory issues related to garbage collection and memory leaks.

Easily manage the performance of your Oracle WebLogic environment and other critical applications

  1. Comprehensive WebLogic monitoring and alerting

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides out-of-the-box support to monitor Oracle WebLogic and several application servers. Get built-in performance metrics for memory heap/non-heap, classes, memory pool size, JVM performance, thread pools, garbage collection, response time, MBeans attributes via JMX, and many more.

    The powerful dashboards in Server & Application Monitor provide deep availability and performance monitoring of your WebLogic environment and ensure SLAs are met for mission critical applications.

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  2. Proactively detect memory leaks

    Detect memory leaks by monitoring key performance metrics such as:

    • Garbage collection: Check for memory leaks by monitoring your garbage collection. Applications are displayed, which allows you to assess if objects are being used properly.
    • Memory heap: You can detect memory leaks by tracking the memory heap usage. This reveals how much memory is consumed by a JVM over a period of time. Connect the memory heap with garbage collection cycles to determine how often memory is retrieved by your JVM.
    • Memory pool size: Monitoring memory pool size can reveal if your application is experiencing a memory leak.

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  3. Monitor application server threads and thread pools

    Server & Application Monitor provides critical performance insights into threads and thread pools including:

    • Current wait time: Monitor the time taken by the server to assign a request to a free thread from the thread pool.
    • Executing requests: Monitor the time taken by the thread to successfully execute the request once the server assigns the request to a thread and returns the result.
    • Pending requests: Monitor the number of user requests which the server has not assigned and are in queue.

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  4. Identify issues in Oracle database

    Application server issues can often occur due to poor database performance that is typically caused by high response time, slow running queries, etc. By monitoring and tuning your Oracle database performance, you can eliminate finger-pointing and track down the root cause to see if it is a database issue or an application server issue.

    When integrated with Server & Application Monitor, SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer provides in-depth analysis and reports on your Oracle database in correlation with WebLogic. Also monitor SQL Server®, MySQL®, DB2®, SAP® ASE, and other databases from a single tool.

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  5. Monitor IT infrastructure components supporting WebLogic

    Server & Application Monitor lets you monitor server hardware, processes and services, resource utilization and forecasting, and disk volumes so you can see the impact of server performance on WebLogic. It also monitor VMware® and Hyper-V® environments.

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor offers out-of-the-box templates to monitor 200+ applications. Its powerful and easy-to-use web console allows you to monitor popular web and application servers, including Microsoft® IIS, Apache®, Tomcat®, Glassfish®, JBoss®, IBM® WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Nginx, etc.

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