Network QoS Testing

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Slow networks are a real pain. If you don’t manage your network, it will “manage” you

The network is sluggish or down

A network can be painfully slow for a variety of possible reasons. If you can’t determine why, the problem will continue to recur.

Poor voice and video quality

Trouble streaming videos or speaking to your clients via video chat? These issues have solutions, but first you must detect them.

Unable to manage network traffic

If you aren't monitoring network QoS policy performance, your network administrator can’t fully visualize network traffic.

Manage critical and delay-sensitive traffic and enhance user experience with QoS Reporting

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    Manage network traffic by class and customize reports

    As QoS Monitoring comes with NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, you can expect an absolutely clutch product combination that will deliver great results for your enterprise. With SolarWinds NTA and QoS Monitoring, you can view network traffic segmented by class of service methods, such as Type of Service (ToS) and Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP). Network QoS Reporting lets you customize built-in reports and create new QoS or Class-Based Quality of Service (CBQoS) reports.

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  2. Analyze existing network QoS policy performance

    Network administrators require Quality of Service (QoS) reporting in order to verify effectiveness and analyze how well existing network QoS policies are performing. QoS Reporting is the tool your network admin needs to complement the functions of NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, so that he or she can see the full picture. Also, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer segments network traffic by class, which makes it easier to view and help manage critical and delay-sensitive traffic, including voice and video.

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    Quantify bandwidth consumption for critical apps

    NetFlow Traffic Analyzer with QoS Testing delivers detailed insights regarding which applications are eating up the most bandwidth, so that you can save space for the tools that really count. You’ll be able to quantify bandwidth consumption for critical applications, while using network QoS reporting to manage network traffic and significantly improve user experience for your business.

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It’s just the best network monitoring tool in the market!"

Jamal Guendouz

Network Administrator at Alakhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

Customize built-in reports to manage network traffic

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  • See how your network traffic is flowing and how it changes as it travels through your router
  • QoS Testing lets you gain deep insights into how the QoS policies are being applied to your network traffic
  • Find out if the QoS settings you implemented are working the way you intended, or tweak them to your liking

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