Network Disaster Recovery Planning

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Lack of network disaster recovery plan can sever business continuity

Network downtime

Unplanned outages have adverse effects on critical business and IT services.

Huge costs

Organizations can incur huge losses without redundant systems in place.

No failover

When the network management system is down, the entire network is in unknown state.

Ensure 24x7 availability for your network platform servers

  1. Ensure business continuity

    SolarWinds Failover Engine provides two minute failover for your business critical IT management system. It also delivers instant email notification when key thresholds of your IT management system are crossed. You can ensure high availability and business continuity with real-time monitoring of your Orion platform implementation.

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  2. Minimize network downtime

    Save time by automating failover tasks such as creating processes, restarting services, or updating DNS records. SolarWinds network disaster recovery supports the customization of failover rules which can trigger based on application, system, process, and service health thresholds.

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  3. Maintain full network functionality

    Prevent downtime with almost instantaneous automated failover when component failures occur. SolarWinds network disaster recovery also minimizes WAN traffic during disaster recovery scenarios by leveraging WAN data compression optimization. The switchover is an automatic, seamless, and transparent process that ensures data collection continuity, which makes it an ideal disaster recovery solution for networks that demand high availability and performance.

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Problems that used to take hours or even days to identify and resolve now typically take only a few minutes. SolarWinds takes the guesswork out of our troubleshooting."

Jonathan Smith

IT Specialist at NPO - Health Care Agency

Mitigate network issues and more

Network Performance Monitor Starts at $2895

  • Monitors and displays response time, availability, and performance of network devices
  • Analyzes user quality of experience using deep packet inspection and analysis
  • Improves operational efficiency with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and reports

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Fully functional for 30 days

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