Automated Network Device Configuration

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Simplify network device configuration management with automation

Numerous multi-vendor devices

Managing configurations and changes for different devices spread over multiple locations requires extensive admin time and effort.

Frequent device config changes

No mechanism to easily execute individual/bulk device configurations or provide immediate notification of configuration changes.

Maintaining current config backups

No reliable data to instantly upload a working configuration and reduce downtime due to failed devices and bad changes.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager simplifies device configuration management

  1. Automation saves time and increases productivity

    Continuously monitoring device configurations and receiving immediate notifications of configuration changes simplifies managing network configuration files in multi-vendor network environments. SolarWinds network configuration management tools with automated network backup, change monitoring, change approval and bulk change deployments provides you with centralized control to monitor and manage configurations on various devices and device types.

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  2. Reduces downtime caused by failed devices

    Automatically store full device configurations that can easily be restored or copied to set up a new device or replace a failed device. Ensure that changes are error-free and adhere to compliance guidelines by sending them through an approval process. Network Configuration Manager notifies you in real-time whenever configuration changes occur. This information helps you easily back-track and check if a recent configuration change is the actual cause of a network issue.

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  3. Fast and error-free execution of configuration changes

    Configuration change errors often result in network outages and costly downtime. Network Configuration Manager helps you quickly troubleshoot and identify configuration change errors. It also streamlines device configuration and change management so you can quickly recover from network downtime caused by failed devices while your critical network infrastructure changes are being deployed. Deploy individual or bulk configuration changes across multiple devices and device types. Save hours of time normally spent on executing configuration changes in your network.

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  4. Helps ensure configurations comply with regulations

    Executing compliance tasks and enforcing compliance management policies requires a lot of time and effort. Using vulnerability scanning, compliance assessment reports, immediate remediation options and real-time configuration change monitoring, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps you adhere to security policies by helping you identify and close security gaps in your network. Reduce network audit time and ensure compliance through continuous network monitoring.

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We changed 5000+ switches, validated success, mitigated failure risks, and quickly recovered from failures in less than 5% of the time it would have taken to do by hand."

Systems Engineer at Educational Institution

Automate config, change, and compliance management

Network Configuration Manager Starts at $2845

  • Improve network reliability using change monitoring, alerting and configuration backups and rollbacks
  • Reduce configuration errors by using standardized device configurations and automated deployment
  • Improve network security with IOS® vulnerability scanning, and NIST FISMA, DISA STIG and PCI DSS compliance tests

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