Automated and reliable network configuration backups

with Network Configuration Manager


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Maintaining an up-to-date network configuration archive for your multi-vendor devices

Regular network backups

Configuration backup methods usually include a combination of utilities, scripts, and manual tasks, which are prone to errors.

Difficult to locate backups

Archives are disorganized and difficult to search, making it hard to locate the most current configuration backup.

Reliable disaster preparedness

Backups fail due to network changes or service outages, which may result in not having a backup file when needed.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps ensure a high level of network reliability and uptime

  1. Save time and effort with automated, scheduled backups

    SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager helps you build and manage a completely automated and reliable configuration archive for most routers and switches, including Cisco®, Juniper®, Adtran®, Brocade®, Dell®, Extreme Networks®, HP®, Palo Alto®, Synoptics, F5 Networks®, and more. In addition, Network Configuration Manager also backs up firewall configurations from Fortinet®, SonicWALL®, Juniper, and Palo Alto firewalls. To build a network backup schedule, just define the required properties, and your network backup is automated to run as specified.

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  2. Store configuration data centrally

    Configuration management not only involves maintaining an archive, it also means being able to quickly search for and locate a configuration file. Once your network backups are completed, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager automatically organizes them by device and version. This means you can easily find any configuration archive. Furthermore, you can organize your devices into any groupings you prefer. To find an archived configuration, simply browse to the device, and select an associated backup.

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  3. Quickly recover from device or configuration failures

    Protect critical devices with reliable backups of network configurations. Quickly recover from failed configuration changes by restoring a previous known good configuration. Reduce downtime while adding a new device to the network, or replacing a failed device by using the configuration from a backup. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager helps you save time, reduce errors, and reduce the risk of costly network downtime with automated device configuration backup.

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  4. Get alerts and error reports

    After you define your network backup schedules, it’s important to monitor the operation for any failures. This helps you take the proper corrective action. In addition, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager shows you which devices have not been successfully archived. This way you can avoid any surprises while searching the archives for a configuration.

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I happened to be on vacation... another colleague was able to quickly rack the replacement, plug everything in, and download the failed switch's config into the replacement, minimizing downtime."

Jon Scheler

Systems Engineer at 7Sigma Systems

Automate network configuration change and compliance management

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  • Improve network reliability using change monitoring, alerting, configuration backups, and rollbacks
  • Reduce configuration errors using standardized device configurations and deployment automation
  • Improve network security using IOS vulnerability scanning and NIST FISMA, DISA STIG, and PCI DSS compliance assessments

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