Automated Network Backup

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Backing up router and switch configurations using scripts can be unreliable and ineffecient

Backup scripts break

Backup scripts can break without notice; they don’t adapt when the network changes, and they don’t alert when something goes wrong.

Archives can be disorganized

With hundreds of routers and switches and their many archived versions, can you find the right configuration when you need it?

Don’t alert to other problems

Simple backup solutions don’t actively analyze device backups to identify other problems.

With automated network configuration backup, you can easily:

  1. Back up router and switch configurations

    Network Configuration Manager's automated configuration backup archives configurations for most managed network devices—even devices that have recently been moved or added. Network Configuration Manager backups are fully automated. You can define a reoccurring task, which lets you set up a schedule and target devices. Network Configuration Manager then uses securely managed credentials to access each device and store archived configurations in a central database. If a device backup fails, Network Configuration Manager alerts you immediately so you can correct the problem.

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  2. Quickly find and restore the right configuration

    When service is interrupted due to a failed device or configuration error, a speedy recovery is critical. Network Configuration Manager's automated network configuration backup lets you quickly search your archives so you can locate the right configuration in seconds and restore it to the device.

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  3. Monitor configurations for changes

    In addition to providing disaster recovery, Network Configuration Manager can also analyze archived configurations for change management. If a change is detected, Network Configuration Manager notifies you and shows you which devices have configuration changes, what changed in the configuration file and even who made the changes.

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We use NCM to automatically back up configurations, check configurations for errors, or make comparisons to other configurations."

Jason Green

Network Administrator at ALS

Automate network configuration backups

Network Configuration Manager Starts at $2845

  • Quickly and reliably deploy standardized configuration changes across your network
  • Audit network configurations according to DISA STIG, NIST FISMA, PCI DSS standards and more
  • Always know when a configuration has been changed, and see exactly what changed

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