Network Automation for Config Change Management and Compliance

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Managing configs for hundreds or even thousands of network devices can be time consuming

Managing configuration changes

Making one-off configuration changes for each network device is slow and potentially error prone.

Tracking configuration changes

Not knowing when configuration changes are made may result in network downtime, increased risk, and even non-compliance fines.

Compliance auditing

Manually auditing each device configuration for compliance is tedious and takes a lot of time.

Save time by using network automation to manage configuration changes and compliance

  1. Automated change management

    Making bulk configuration changes saves time and reduces errors when compared to manual updates, which can take days. SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager automates bulk configuration changes to wired and wireless devices. Use Network Configuration Manager to design change templates, create standardized configurations, and use the built-in workflows to review, approve, schedule, and push bulk configuration updates across hundreds or even thousands of devices in minutes.

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  2. Automated change tracking

    Monitoring device configurations can help you avoid many preventable network errors. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager actively monitors device configurations and alerts you to changes, enabling you to reverse many problems in minutes. Use Network Configuration Manager to find out when and where a configuration change occurred, who made the change, and what specific additions or deletions were made to a configuration.

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  3. Automated compliance auditing

    Achieving compliance to security policies and standards can eliminate costly regulatory fines and the risk of an incident. But auditing device configurations is extremely time-consuming and tedious. Network Configuration Manager audits device configurations for compliance and Cisco® analytics on network devices for OS vulnerabilities. Use Network Configuration Manager to audit your configurations for PCI DSS, FISMA, NIST, and other security standards. Network Configuration Manager also alerts you to known vulnerabilities in your Cisco IOS® devices—as published in the National Vulnerability Database.

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  4. Automated configuration backups

    Backing up device configurations can save many hours spent resolving a network crisis. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager automatically manages layer 2 and 3 wired and wireless configuration backups to help you recover from problems. Using Network Configuration Manager, you can seamlessly back up, manage, and restore configurations to quickly reestablish service to replacement hardware following a catastrophic failure or unintended error from a configuration change.

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All of our configs get backed up every night. You can compare changes made to configs and easily see who made them. You can push out changes through NCM. What's not to like about it!"

Jason Green

Network Administrator at ALS

Save time with powerful network automation

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  • Reduce configuration errors using standardized device configuration and deployment automation
  • Improve network reliability using change monitoring, alerting, configuration backups, and rollbacks
  • Improve security using IOS vulnerability scanning and NIST FISMA, DISA STIG, and DSS PCI compliance assessments

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