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Don't let MySQL database performance management get out of control

Running out of server resources

High CPU, memory, and disk usage at the server will cause MySQL to experience slow and sub-optimal performance.

Handling too many connections

MySQL will refuse new client connections if they extend beyond what the database has been configured to handle.

High query runtime

Query execution can be slowed down due to locked transactions, and high number of temporary tables and full joins.

Maximize the uptime and performance of your MySQL relational database management system

  1. MySQL health and availability monitoring

    Benefit from out-of-the-box performance metrics and dashboards to monitor your MySQL database with SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor. Monitor key health statistics including:

    • Key reads and writes, and buffer size
    • Created and opened tables and files
    • Cached, created, connected and running threads
    • Slow queries
    • Database transactions and joins
    • Opened and aborted connections and clients
    • Uptime metrics, and more

    Automatically discover MySQL and connected applications and servers, and start monitoring in no time.

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  2. Monitor system metrics and load

    Get immediate access to server resource capacity metrics such as CPU, memory, disk and network. Trend average and peak resource utilization over time and know when you will run out of capacity. Monitor vital hardware components including fan, temperature, and power supply and get alerted when at critical or failed states.

    With all these metrics at your fingertips, plan your server hardware investment and manage database workloads more effectively.

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  3. Wait-based query response time analysis

    Integration with Database Performance Analyzer helps provide deep visibility and granular analysis of query wait time and MySQL response time. Use multi-dimensional database analysis to identify code-level issues and leverage built-in tuning advisors to optimize database performance.

    Easily isolate which queries are causing high wait time and when in the context of server performance metrics.

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  4. Monitor dependent applications

    In addition to monitoring MySQL, Server & Application Monitor supports monitoring a broad range of applications including Apache, Tomcat®, WebLogic, IBM® WebSphere® running on Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, and VMware® platforms. Get out-of-the-box performance visibility to isolate problems and troubleshoot them fast. From a single console, monitor other databases, such as SQL Server®, Oracle®, PostgreSQL®, DB2®, and more.

    The built-in AppStack™ dashboard lets you visualize application dependencies with underlying physical and virtual server environment for quick root cause analysis.

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I like having a central focus for where to go to monitor my databases and applications, and SolarWinds delivers just that."

Database Administrator at an S&P 500 Industrial Manufacturing Company

Proactively monitor MySQL database performance

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  • Solve complex MySQL issues with deep performance visibility
  • Eliminate false positives with intelligent alerting
  • Optimize server hardware and perform capacity planning

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