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Finding an issue among hundreds of Mac OS X logs can be slow and laborious

Undetected malicious system activities

Detecting malicious attacks on Mac OS® X operating systems is difficult without automated log collection and analysis.

Siloed analysis and troubleshooting

Manually troubleshooting hundreds of Mac systems is tiresome and result in incomplete root-cause analysis.

Suspicious file and registry changes

Lack of visibility into accesses and changes to important system files and registry entries can create a malware threat.

Continuously monitor Mac OS X system logs to prevent information theft and protect data from malware

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    Track suspicious file, registry, and directory accesses

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manger collects, correlates, analyzes, and stores Mac OS X operating system log and event data to capture issues, and provide analysis of your Mac OS operations. Log & Event Manager features true, real-time, non-linear, in-memory correlation for alerting on security, operation, and policy-driven events. With hundreds of built-in correlation rules and powerful file integrity monitoring, all Mac OS X event logs can be analyzed for malicious system activities, such as file and registry changes and zero-day malware attacks.

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  2. Forensic analysis of Mac OS X operating system events

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager gives you advanced IT search functionality that enables you to perform event forensic analysis on Mac OS X operating system events, and achieve more effective log monitoring. With intuitive, in-depth IT searches, Log & Event Manager can quickly and easily track down the problem logs you want. You can also visually explore your data using word clouds, histograms, bubble charts, and treemaps. Quickly perform forensic analysis on events to determine what really happened before, during, and after the event.

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    Automatically take action against cyber threats

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager features active response and threat intelligence technologies to automate incident responses in real-time. Hundreds of pre-built correlation rules can be used as is, or customized using the Correlation Rule Builder wizard, to take immediate responsive action upon detecting an anomaly in the Mac OS X log. Some of the Log & Event Manager's built-in active responses kill processes by ID or name, log users off, remove user-defined group elements, restart or shut down machines, send incident alerts, emails, or popup messages, etc.

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Continuously monitor Mac OS X operating system logs

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  • Collect, centralize, and manage events and logs from critical files and registry keys
  • Correlate file audit events with other log data to provide threat intelligence and pinpoint breach attempts
  • Demonstrate compliance and get actionable data in less time

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