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The top three Linux performance problems faced by every Linux admin

Linux server running slow

Issues like CPU overload and insufficient memory or disk space will impact Linux® server performance, causing it to run slow.

Poor application performance

It is difficult to troubleshoot performance issues without a clear view of health of critical applications running on Linux.

Server hardware failure

When server hardware components fail, including CPU, memory, power supply, and battery, server performance is negatively impacted.

Proactively monitor Linux applications and servers, and troubleshoot performance issues faster

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  1. Help ensure that Linux servers run at peak performance

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor allows you to monitor, alert, and report on performance issues in your Linux servers.

    • Easily detect if the Linux server is experiencing high response time, latency, or packet loss
    • Monitor server processes in real time, identify rogue and runaway processes that are hogging resources, and remotely terminate them at the click of a button

    Server & Application Monitor supports many Linux distributions, including Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, CentOS, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu Server, Debian, Fedora™, and more.

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  2. Monitor Linux application health and availability

    Server & Application Monitor offers out-of-the-box templates to monitor the performance of 200+ enterprise applications. Automatically discover Linux servers and applications, apply built-in templates, and typically start monitoring in about an hour.

    Server & Application Monitor lets you monitor databases and web servers, email servers, application servers, messaging servers and more via a host of protocols, including SNMP, JMX, WMI, and CIM. You can extend monitoring to any custom or homegrown application by customizing existing out-of-the-box templates or building new ones.

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  3. Monitor server resources and hardware health

    Server & Application Monitor allows you to monitor resource utlization on your Linux servers. Receive alerts about CPU overloads, insufficient RAM, and storage issues, such as disks running out of capacity. SAM helps keep you prepared with capacity forecasts and more.

    Monitor the health of hardware components in your Linux server, including temperature, CMC, fan speed, power supply, blade chassis, and more. Receive alerts when server hardware components are in warning or critical states, and reduce server downtime due to hardware failure.

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  4. Isolate issues in the virtualized and cloud environments

    No matter where your Linux applications are running, on a physical or virtual server, on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid environment, Server & Application Monitor helps you isolate the root cause in minutes. Built-in virtualization monitoring helps you identify whether there are resource contention issues at the host or virtual machine. Choose between agent-based and agentless monitoring.

    Use the built-in AppStack™ dashboard to visualize contextual relationship mapping between applications and the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure. This accelerates issue diagnosis and troubleshooting.

    Note: Server & Application Monitor installs on a Windows® server, but it can monitor heterogeneous environments running on Linux and Windows.

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SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor is the best monitoring tool I have ever experienced. Go for it—best product and best technical support on earth."

Haffizuddin Syed Khaja

Virtualization Engineer at  iGATE Global Solutions

Comprehensive monitoring of your Linux environment

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  • Automatically discover Linux applications and servers, and start monitoring in about an hour
  • Eliminate false positives with intelligent alerts based on sustained conditions and baseline data
  • Get critical performance metrics and health indicators at your fingertips for faster troubleshooting

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