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Don't give cyberattackers the chance to attack by manually analyzing Juniper device logs

Unmonitored network device behavior

Without continuous monitoring and real-time data, your Juniper® network devices can be exposed to malcious activities.

Manual and siloed log analysis

Troubleshooting is difficult if you can't analyze event logs from network devices, firewalls, and intrusion detection appliances.

Ineffective threat mitigation

Threat detection and remediation become ineffective if you do not have an active response system to mitigate attacks.

Improve security on Juniper network devices, automate threat intelligence, and secure your network

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    Centralize and continuously monitor Juniper devices

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager centrally aggregates all log data from hundreds of Juniper network devices, and triggers alerts and notifications when security and policy-driven events are encountered. Log & Event Manager tracks all malicious activities and helps you troubleshoot issues quickly by acting on instant alerts received on the dashboard console. Instantly see into security breaches with real-time, in-memory event correlation, helping you take the right action without wasting time.

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  2. Pre-built and customizable rules for real-time correlations

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager features non-linear, real-time, in-memory event correlations for thousands of network, server, database, and firewall events. Log & Event Manager collects log data from Juniper network devices and firewalls, such as Juniper Networks Secure Access 2000, Juniper NetScreen® 25, and more. Also, Log & Event Manager stores log data with a high performance, high compression data model that stores data at up to a 60:1 ratio. This significantly reduces your storage requirements and helps you avoid buying additional storage hardware.

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    Active response and threat intelligence for better security

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager responds automatically to mitigate threats from attackers, malware programs, and other operational issues. Whether it's a threat infiltrating your IT infrastructure, or malicious software passing through your Juniper network devices and firewalls, you can configure Log & Event Manager to take the correct responsive action in real-time. The built-in active responses include send incident alerts, emails, popup messages, enable or disable users, kill processes by ID or name, and more.

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A firewall change was made without notice and broke the site-to-site VPN. I was able to go in, find the change, and quickly move it back. Saved my day!"

IT Manager at Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

Improve security on hundreds of Juniper network devices

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  • Automate, simplify log analysis, and get actionable data in less time
  • Use real-time event correlation to detect and respond to malicious activities in the network
  • Collect and analyze events and logs across routers, switches, IDS/IPS, databases, servers, and applications

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