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Do you have sufficient visibility to improve the performance of JBoss platform and supported applications?

Memory issues in Java Runtime Environment

JVM memory leaks and garbage collection issues may cause application crashes and performance problems.

Multi-threading issues

Too many parallel thread executions can cause increased wait time and deadlocks impacting the performance of JBoss application server.

Server capacity and hardware issues

Lack of server resources such as CPU, memory and disk can slow down the performance of Jboss and deployed applications.

Ensure JBoss and all your Java applications run at peak performance

  1. Monitor critical health indicators on JBoss platform

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor delivers the the right visibility and health metrics to monitor the availability and performance of JBoss application server. Automatically discover JBoss and other applications in your environment and start monitoring in no time. Leverage intelligent baseline alerts to warn you about critical thresholds before end-users are impacted.

    Server & Application Monitor supports monitoring JBoss AS (aka WildFly) and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, and uses JMX protocol to collect performance metrics.

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  2. Solve memory leaks in Java Runtime Environment

    Use the out-of-the-box monitoring template in Server & Application Monitor to track vital memory statistics including memory heap, memory non-heap, memory pool (int, peak, commited, used), memory pending, free memory, total memory, garbage collection and more.

    Identify issues with multi-threading by monitoring current and active thread metrics, thread CPU time, user time and available processors. Also monitor classes loaded and unloaded count to know what classes are running on your Java Virtual Machine.

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  3. Monitor server health and capacity

    Server & Application Monitor helps you solve server issues impacting the performance of JBoss.

    • Monitor server availability and performance metrics such as response time, packet loss and latency.
    • Track server hardware uitlization for CPU, memory and disk and forecast when you will run out of capacity.
    • Monitor hardware components such as fan, temperature and power supply and identify failures.
    • Get visibility of server processes and services and real time and start/stop/restart them remotely for troubleshooting.

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  4. Troubleshoot performance issues in Java environment

    Server & Application Monitor supports monitoring a broad range of applications including Oracle, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, WebLogic, IBM® WebSphere® running on Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, and VMware® platforms. Get out-of-the-box monitoring best practices and in-depth performance visibility to isolate problems and troubleshoot them fast. Easily extend monitoring to any custom or home-grown apps running on JBoss.

    The built-in AppStack™ dashboard lets you visualize application dependencies with underlying physical and virtual server environment for quick root cause analysis.

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SolarWinds makes it easy to detect the server and application errors in a vast environment, and makes it easy to troubleshoot by allowing us to see the bottlenecks visually."

Purushothaman Samikannu

Consultant at Telekom Brunei

Troubleshoot JBoss and Java application issues faster

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