Hitachi Storage Performance Monitoring

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Poor monitoring of Hitachi arrays can affect dependent business applications

Storage performance issues

Storage performance issues are ominous, and can easily bring down business applications.

Capacity planning and forecasting

Inaccurate storage capacity forecasting could lead to chaos and last-minute hardware purchases.

Comprehensive storage reports

Without comprehensive and easy-to-understand storage reports, managing Hitachi® storage arrays is difficult.

Proactively monitor your Hitachi storage array performance and maintain a robust storage infrastructure

  1. Quickly identify storage performance issues

    Use Storage Resource Monitor to view the performance of your entire Hitachi® Data Systems (HDS) storage arrays. Drill down into each layer of your Hitachi storage system (array, RAID group, LUN, etc.) and see key storage metrics. Prevent potential performance dips by analyzing and identifying failure patterns using historical data. Also, detect hidden I/O hotspots in your Hitachi storage arrays with custom alerts and out-of-the-box reports.

  2. Storage capacity planning and management

    Predict when your existing storage will be depleted using built-in capacity forecasting tools. Receive instant Hitachi storage capacity management and planning metrics, including over-provisioned volumes, used/usable/raw capacity, thin and thick provisioning statistics, etc. Automated storage capacity planning and forecasting saves you a lot of time and effort.

  3. Out-of-the-box storage reports

    Choose from hundreds of out-of-the-box storage reports and simplify your monitoring processes. You’ll have plenty of key reports available within Storage Resource Monitor such as enterprise capacity summary, RAID/storage pool group usage, thin provisioning, free LUNS, asset information and more. Schedule reports and email them to anyone at any time. Also, set thresholds to trigger alarms during critical times to eliminate storage performance drops.

With Storage Resource Monitor, I was able to solve severe disk bottleneck issues. And, I was able to pinpoint which LUN was causing the issue."

IT/Systems Administrator at Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Gain complete visibility of your Hitachi storage array

Storage Resource Monitor Starts at $2935

  • Proactively monitor the performance of Hitachi® Data Systems and other vendor arrays
  • Instantly identify the busiest RAID groups, LUNs and physical spindles in your Hitachi Storage Infrastructure
  • Analyze historical storage capacity consumption, and discover usage patterns

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Fully functional for 30 days

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