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Unorganized and isolated help desk operations delay troubleshooting and customer support

Multi-channel ticketing management

Customer support is delayed and prone to errors when receiving, routing, and managing help desk tickets through emails and phone calls.

Detached and isolated ticketing processes

Help desk operations are complicated by the inability to link individual tickets, incidents, and service failures to the root cause.

Unable to track help desk performance

Customer support suffers when you can't easily manage a help desk technician's performance and customer satisfaction indicators.

Web Help Desk centralizes and automates ticketing management tasks and improves customer support

  1. Automated ticketing management

    Automate ticket assignment, routing, and escalation to the right technician at the right time.

  2. Simplified incident and problem management

    Link associated issues in parent-child relationships for improved ticket organization, tracking, and reference.

  3. Built-in reporting and performance monitoring

    Comprehensive reporting engine helps measure key performance metrics and customer satisfaction factors at a glance.

  4. Integration with SolarWinds performance monitoring tools

    Built-in integration with SolarWinds tools helps you directly convert network and server node failures into tickets.

  1. Automated ticketing management

    Web Help Desk allows you to automate key help desk ticketing management tasks, including ticket assignment, routing, and escalation. It helps you save time and manual efforts, and improves your help desk productivity. Web Help Desk enables you to:

    • Automatically convert email requests into help desk tickets.
    • Create rules for ticket routing and manage tasks between multiple departments.
    • Associate problem tickets with IT assets and track the history of asset service requests and complaints.
    • Send email and SMS text message alerts when tickets are unattended or unassigned.

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  2. Simplified incident and problem management

    Web Help Desk lets you link unlimited incident tickets (children) to a single problem ticket (parent) for better organization and quick reference. Closing the problem ticket automatically closes the corresponding incident tickets, and sends out appropriate notifications. You can also associate end-users and assets to incident and problem tickets to see a running history of all service requests for a given asset or end-user.

    This parent-child ticketing feature enables you to manage tickets from multiple departments and various hierarchies more efficiently.

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  3. Built-in reporting and performance monitoring

    Web Help Desk offers a built-in comprehensive reporting engine to generate charts and reports for your various performance measurement needs.

    • At a supervisor/lead technician/help desk manager level, you can generate reports on technician performance and customer satisfaction indicators.
    • At a technician/help desk staff level, you can generate reports on ticket status, alerts, and issue resolutions.
    • You can also create custom reports based on your organization's specific requirements.
    • Scheduling automatic delivery of reports via email is an added advantage.

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  4. Integration with SolarWinds Performance Monitoring tools

    Web Help Desk directly integrates with SolarWinds network management and server monitoring tools, enabling you to automatically convert network and server node failure, device/interface performance and configuration issues, and critical application faults directly into help desk tickets. With Web Help Desk, you can:

    • Convert node performance issues in SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, Server & Application Monitor, and Network Configuration Manager into service tickets.
    • Simplify network trouble ticket resolution by receiving network and server node alerts.

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We are more than satisfied with our decision to purchase Web Help Desk. It has every feature that we require in our particular environment. It is simple to use, fully customizable, and integrates with several other SolarWinds products."

Matthew Kaczmarski

IT Manager at Carmike Cinemas, Inc

Automated Help Desk IT Ticketing System

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  • Automatically discover and manage assets and asset information
  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering self-service tips through knowledge management

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