Make your firewalls audit-ready; stay compliant and improve security

Unmonitored firewall activity

Unauthorized changes to firewall configurations can compromise your first line of defense.

Undetected malicious events and cyber threats

Lack of real-time event correlations on critical hosts may expose them to dangerous threats.

Avoiding compliance pitfalls

Non-compliant IT networks draw regulatory fines, and make demonstrating compliance more task-heavy and time-consuming.

With Log & Event Manager you can easily:
  1. Secure your network from potential threats, and keep track of all device logs in a central location.
  2. Use built-in and customizable real-time event correlation rules to detect and respond to suspicious network activities.
  3. Generate periodic router and firewall audit reports, and demonstrate compliance with out-of-the-box templates.
1 Log all network device activities in a central location
SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager supports hundreds of multi-vendor routers, switches, IDS/IPS and firewalls, and collects their logs and events in a central location. Network security events that get logged include connections permitted/denied, user activity, bandwidth usage, protocol usage, inbound/outbound traffic, etc. Simply add the network node you need to monitor to the Node Health widget under the Ops Center. Use the syslog node option after clicking Add Node on the Node Health widget. Enter the IP address, and select the device vendor from the drop-down list.
2 Track and analyze suspicious network events
The effectiveness of a core network device is based on the rules defined in it. Log & Event Manager includes several built-in rules under the Build section for multiple correlations in real-time. You can choose from pre-defined rules, customize them or create a new one. You are alerted in real-time based on your rule configurations for ICMP/IP traffic, malware, asymmetric routing, IPsec failure, anonymous Web traffic, and so on. You can also monitor user activity on critical routers/switches/firewalls to detect privileged account abuse, unauthorized configuration changes, failed login attempts, etc.
3 Simplify router and firewall security auditing and compliance
Organizations and businesses outline security policies and define firewall, router and switch configurations to meet industry compliance regulations and audit requirements. Log & Event Manager includes over 300 built-in audit report templates for standards such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, DISA STIG, etc., and these are available from the Reports console. To determine the complete audit trail, you can choose a time window, run a specific report, then use the Select Expert utility to get details about a specific event or user.

QuoteSomeone made a firewall change without notifying anyone else and broke the site-to-site VPN. I went in just to check and found that someone made a change. I quickly moved it back, and we were up fast. Saved my day!"

Make firewalls audit-ready; stay compliant and improve security
Log & Event Manager Starting at $4495
  • Collects, centralizes and analyzes events and logs across firewalls, routers, switches, servers, workstations and applications
  • Real-time event correlation to detect and respond to suspicious firewall, router and switch activities
  • Demonstrate compliance, and get actionable data in less time
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