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Manually analyzing logs on firewalls increases the chances of successful network attacks

Suspicious firewall behavior

Lack of real-time data and alerts on suspicious firewall activity can compromise the security of the network.

Inaccurate log analysis

Inaccurate and incomplete analysis of firewall logs lead to erroneous troubleshooting and network downtime.

Delayed threat remediation

Unautomated responses to cyber-attacks and malicious activities delay effective threat mitigation and remediation.

Analyze firewall logs, automate threat remediation, and secure your network against cyber-attacks

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    Centralize and enable firewall log analysis

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager helps collect all logs and events from hundreds of network devices, including firewalls and IDS/IPS devices, in a central location. Centrally logging and monitoring firewall activity gives you greater flexibility to determine whether the configuration changes or newly added rules work as intended and debug them in case of issues. It's good to collect and analyze firewall logs according to bandwidth usage, denied rule rates, user activity, protocol usage, and so on.

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  2. Customize rules for effective event correlation

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager provides powerful in-memory event correlations in real-time for thousands of network, application, database, and firewall events. These event correlations can either be configured via built-in rules or customized to help you better understand various events. One of the most significant advantages of using LEM is having access to its high-compression data model. LEM can store data at up to a 60:1 compression ratio, so that it doesn't create a storage overhead for data retention.

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    Automate threat mitigation with active response

    SolarWinds Log & Event Manager features active response technology that helps you mitigate threats as they happen in your network, end-point or firewall devices, and remediate violations by proactively responding to suspicious behavior patterns. Some of the key built-in active responses include:

    • Kill processes by ID or name
    • Restart or shutdown machines
    • Log users off
    • Block an IP address
    • Detach USB devices
    • Disable or delete user accounts and group members
    • Send incident alerts, emails, pop-up messages, or SNMP traps

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A firewall change was made without notice and broke the site-to-site VPN. I was able to go in, find the change, and quickly move it back. Saved my day!"

IT Manager at Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

Track all firewall log activities to secure the network

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  • Collect and analyze events and logs across routers, switches, IDS/IPS, databases, servers, and applications
  • Use real-time event correlation to detect and respond to malicious activities in the network
  • Automate, simplify, and demonstrate compliance, and get actionable data in less time

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